Magico ASub powered subwoofer

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Design: Digitally controlled active splitter dedicated power stage Output power: 500W
Bass: 10-inch aluminum cone unit Frequency response: 20 - 120 Hz
Input impedance: 54kΩ (RCA), 44kΩ (XLR)
Volume (H x W x D): 457 x 368 x 447 mm
Weight each: 42.5 kg

A small speaker with high power, the ASUB takes up little space but weighs over 42kg. Mr. Alon Wolf, the head and designer of Magico in the United States, has dedicated himself to the family after the A3 stand, A1 bookshelf and AAC center speaker. A brand new production for cinema fanatics. The highly rigid sealed sound box is made of 6061 T6 aerospace-grade aluminum alloy sound box panels that have been black brushed and anodized on the surface and cut using a CNC lathe. A specific number of reinforced brackets are added inside to prevent loud noise. Reduce the chance of causing unnecessary resonance noise during work.

Equipped with a 10-inch secret aluminum vibrating plate unit, it is the same as the SSUB and QSUB subwoofer series that the company has successively entered the market. The dividing link of ASUB is digitally performed by a high-speed computing DSP, and can provide automatic detection and automatic shutdown. and anti-clipping preset memory function. The front baffle, inlaid with Magico's gold-painted signature, is equipped with a self-made secret 10-inch aluminum vibrator unit whose magnet energy and voice coil diameter are different from those used in similar products. It is equipped with a tailor-made 500W high-efficiency switching amplifier. Under the agitation, it is easy to create a thrilling experience that shocks the heartstrings and roars like tigers and dragons.

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