Marantz MKS800 Karaoke Speaker

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Marantz MKS-800 Professional Karaoke Speaker


Marantz MKS800 adopts a 2-way 3-unit design. The woofer is a 20cm strong magnetic type and has a maximum power capacity of 350 W. It is also a high-efficiency design. The frequency response can go down to 40Hz. With 100W karaoke per channel, It is very suitable for use in small karaoke rooms. It can provide sufficient bass energy, full sound and loud vocals.

Technical specifications ● Type: 2-way 3 units ● Cabinet: high-density compression board ● Units used: 2 x tweeter + 1 x bass ● Treble: 77 mm cone tweeter ● Bass: 200 mm cone bass ● Normal impedance: 8 ohms ● Frequency response: 40 Hz - 20 kHz
● Sensitivity: 90 dB 1M/W
● Maximum input power: 350 W
●Normal input power: 100 W
●Crossover point: 2 kHz

Dimensions: 450 (width) x 265 (height) x 240 (depth) mm
Weight: 7.3 kg/ Installation only: Can be installed with brackets or hangers (optional)


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