Entreq Tellus II Infinity (無限二代大地盒) (Infinity Package)


銷售價格HK$19,800 正常價格HK$22,000


Entreq Tellus II Infinity (無限二代大地盒) (Infinity Package)

以旗艦級地盒 (Poseidon 海神) 的三倉式獨立設計為藍本,單獨連接可免除相互間之干擾,非常適合現今流行的純數碼和模擬器材的影/音系統,以至電源接地和喇叭輸出端(負極)等連接,從而提升整體的寧靜度和平衡度。
左/右倉 是兩台 Silver Minimus (細銀地盒)
中間倉(實心純銀接線柱) 則是一套Silver Minimus + Atlantis Minimus (亞特蘭蒂斯小地盒) 組合而成。

Entreq Tellus II Infinity Dimension: W 43cm - H 12cm - D 31cm
Weight:15 Kg

Infinity Package 包含: 
Entreq TellUs II Infinity x 1 台
Eartha SilverInfinity (無限銀地線) RCA 1.65M x 1 條
Eartha Discover Infinity (無限發現者地線) H/H 1,65M x 2條
( 共 3條地線 )

In one way Tellus II Infinity is old stuff in new packaging. But at the same time it's a totally new groundbox that will open up for many new possibility's. Left and Right outlet are two separated Silver Minimus Infinity and the outlet in the middle is an Olympus Ten


Why use Entreq Ground Box's ?  

For us a clean and effective ground point is the most important factor in ensuring the best possible sonic platform for any hifi system!
We normally say 220V 50Hz alternative110 V 60Hz.
But in our opinion there are a lot more frequence on the power net. These is caused by the way we connect zero and protective ground together in the main central/fuse boxes.
Current goes in and current goes out of devices and lighting fixtures of every kind. All of these make the current messy. Not least computers with their switched power units, chargers for e.g., mobile telephones, all the halogen and LED lighting, dimmers etc. all cause a great deal of high-frequency noise and stray voltages.

This noice seeks the easiest path to the earth.
And since this can be everything from 50-60 Hz to very high-frequency, but weak, currents, it is not always certain that the path of least resistance is via the protective earth. These currents instead can find dishwashers, laundry machines, counter tops with water pipes, your HiFi rack and your stereo set with all the cables and devices as more attractive paths to the earth. Moreover, these high freq often generate magnetic fields that absolutely have influence on the sound reproduction.

One big problem is the protective ground.
Many times it is overloaded or not constructed for handle this pollutions. They are not dangerous that way. It can handle a real "bang" of 110-220Volt and X  Watts without any problems, but when it come to this small currents of some Milli V  with very high frequence it dont catch them. So instead these will flow arround in the power system searching for a place to ground.

In fact the protective grond can leak back pollutions to the net. 
Instead it often go to your HiFi system with all the cables and magnetic fields and load up there in their serch for ground.Our ground boxes / Eartha cables are designed to resemble and work like a bit of Mother Earth in concentrated form and offer the simplest and fastest route for this high-frequency noise to reach a earth point. Since such are very high-frequency weak currents, it is not necessary to have a lot of mass, but it must attract so the groundbox be a purely attractive earth point.

When connect to a groundbox you offer this pollutions a ground 
This high-frequency, but weak currents, are atttracted by the galvanic mineralmix and the Para, Dia and Ferro magnetic metals.The high frequency currents move over to the box, where they will be transformed. 

The Entreq Groundbox Principle

At Entreq we have many years of experience and knowledge with grounding. No other company have that.
Because of that we are one of the most copied brands in the world.
Through all that experience and knowledge we have landed on our core principle when talking groundboxes.

We use different layers of metals mixed With minerals to create a galvanic Point that acts like a concentrated piece of Earth.
By changing the metals, minerals, size, weight or case construction we get different performance out of the groundingbox.

Imagine the construction as a battery, but opposite. Instead of create and send out it pull back and consume


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