Lightspeed X-Series H1 電源處理器

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美國 Lightspeed X-Series H1 電源處理器

  • Hyper Drive Technology 超驅動科技
  • 12位 電源輸出 (Phono x2, Analogue x2, Digital x4, Power Amplifier x4)
  • Power Factor Correction 電源相位修正 Level 2
  • 供 Digital 數碼器材電源輸出四組 Core-L4 Level 1(4組)
  • 供 Amplifier 模擬放大器材電源輸出四組 Core-L4 Level 2(4組)
  • 供 Analogue 模擬及 Phono 黑膠器材電源輸出各兩組 Core-L4 Level 4(4組)
  • 醫療級美式插座
  • 承受功率 4000W / 16A
  • 防雷保護 1100J / 40000A
  • 體積 483 x 235 x 135 mm (19 x 9.25 x 5.3 in.)
  • 重量 7.8kg

    The X Series H1 incorporates the newly developed filter core (core-L4) to boost the performance. Of course, the HyperDriveTM technology is included as well.

    HyperDrive technology reduces noise to levels far below any of its predecessors. Additionally, this newest innovation by Chang improves sound stage, dynamics contrast, inner details, 3-dimensionality, high frequency extension, and video reproduction. All in all, Chang’s HyperDrive technology stretches the performance of the Lightspeed Powerline Filter to an unprecedented level.

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