Solo Pro 2 Series 充電式抗光電動幕

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Size: 80" Slate 0.8 / 1.2
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美國 Screen Innovation Solo Pro 2 [ 高級抗光幕 ]

Solo Pro 2 真正無線電動幕,6小時充電可使Solo獲得足夠一年的電力

small cassette. big screen.

We fit a 160-inch (334mm) motorized screen in a cassette just under 4.75-inches (121mm). Solo Pro 2 is the smallest motorized screen family on the planet.



just like you like it

Solo’s big brother, but totally made to order. Solo Pro defines a new era of total customization in motorized projection screens.


the power is yours

Solo Pro is the first motorized screen available with two motor options; Lithium Rechargeable or Low-Voltage (24v). No electrician needed!


Lithium Rechargeable RTS (RF)
24v Dry Contact
24v 485 2-way
24v RTS (RF)


Max: 160″ (4064mm)

Available in 1-inch increments. All sizes are measured diagonally. Some materials may be limited in size. All dimensions are listed as seamless.

aspect ratios


color options

White | Warm White | Dark Gray | Char Brown | Taupe | Black | Teal | Slate Blue | Clear Anodized | Ferrari Red | Blue | Orange



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