Ansuz C2 Mainz Powercord 電源線


長度 Length:: 1.5M
銷售價格HK$30,600 正常價格HK$32,900


The ANSUZ C2 Mainz 電源線

Organic purity on a natural soundstage

The Ansuz Mainz C2 power cable features Ansuz’s anti arial resonance coil technology which eliminates unwanted noise caused by the antenna effects of cables. The audible benefit is greater clarity and a resolution that allows even very subtle details of the music to fully unfold. Along with Ansuz double inverted helix coil technology, the soundstage of this cable is more transparent and bristles with dynamics and power.

ANSUZ Acoustics是來自丹麥的品牌,產品為High-End等級的發燒線材與配件,設計師叫Michael Børresen,大家認識ANSUZ之前應該要先認識這個天才,因為除了ANSUZ之外,他還同時是Raidho Acoustics與Scansonic HD兩個喇叭品牌以及Aavik Acoustics系統器材的主事者,堪稱是全能型設計師。

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