Ansuz Power Switch A3 音響專用網路 Switch


銷售價格HK$33,800 正常價格HK$35,800


Ansuz PowerSwitch A3

The Ansuz PowerSwitch A3 is upgraded with the latest Ansuz Technologies, the Zirconium Tesla coil which allows even better resonance control and the Dither technology in its 3rd generation, which is a further optimization to open the soundscape even more. In addition to the other effective Ansuz technologies the music signal significantly amplifies the music signal and add more energy to the music, which is presented on an expanded and holistic soundstage.

The Ansuz PowerSwitch has been designed with the aim of delivering a very clean streaming signal to the hi-fi system. To achieve this, Ansuz employs its most advanced and truly groundbreaking audio technologies of noise reduction and resonance control. Ansuz audio technologies ensure that virtually no noise is transmitted from the PowerSwitch to the audio components.

The Ansuz PowerSwitches V3 are LAN/Ethernet switches which opitomize a pioneering approach to both noise cancellation and signal distribution in High End streaming networks.

  • 8 LAN ports
  • 10 Low voltage outlets
  • 3pcs Ansuz Active Cable Tesla Coils technology
  • 90pcs Ansuz Active Square Tesla Coils technology
  • Ansuz Gen 3 Dither Circuitry technology
  • Designed with upgradeble external resonance control – Darkz feet
  • Natural-based composite material
  • Steel chassis

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