ATC SCM100ASL 主動式 Active (Bookshelf)


顏色: Cherry 木色 (Pair)
銷售價格HK$220,800 正常價格HK$368,000
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ATC SCM100ASL 主動式 Active Speaker (Bookshelf)

SCM100 ASL(有源)和SCM100 SL(無源)的設計都能在錄音室或是在家裡配上最優質的音響器材達到有最佳的表現。


低音表現同樣出色,這要歸功於採用了ATC獨有的超線性磁體技術的ATC 12吋專業級低音單元。在有源型號中,低音,中音和高音驅動單元都有自己專用的和獨立匹配的MOS -FET放大器。


在無源形式中,SCM100 SL提供廣泛的和對稱的分散性,在整個音頻頻率範圍有優異的振幅和相位特性。


The SCM100 ASL (active) are designed to perform at their best with the finest quality hi-fi equipment.

Like their smaller brother, the SCM50 ASL, the monitors’ ability to reproduce music and speech with phenomenal accuracy, transparency and dynamics lies mainly in the SM75-150S soft dome midrange driver. However, recent modifications that include an upgraded tweeter and enhanced port profile have brought about further improvements in all performance parameters.

Bass performance is equally impressive, thanks to ATC’s 12″ professional level bass driver that incorporates the company’s unique Super Linear Magnet technology. Bass, mid and HF drive units in the active model have their own dedicated and individually matched MOSFET amplifiers.

ATC’s active crossover network consists of a wide band-width, electronically balanced input stage with high common mode rejection and very low distortion.

In passive form, the SCM100 SL provides broad and symmetrical dispersion, excellent amplitude and phase characteristics throughout the audio frequency range.

Speakers are supplied with stands and fabric wrapped grills.

SCM100ASL (Active)

驅動單元:HF 25mm 釹、中 75mm ATC 軟球頂、LF 314mm SL

幅度線性度 (±2dB):65Hz–17kHz
頻率回應 (±6dB):32Hz–22kHz
色散:±80° 相干水準,±10° 相干垂直
分頻頻率:380Hz & 3.5kHz
連接器:母 XLR
篩檢程式:有源 四階 Linkwitz-Riley,無源 二階 Linkwitz-Riley
放大器輸出:200w LF、100w Mid、50w HF(有源版本)
Accessories Inc.(每對):2 x 織物包裹烤架、8 x M8 x 1.25 毫米支架釘和螺母、2 x IEC 電源線。
機櫃尺寸 (HxWxD):1070 x 397 x 560mm / 42.13 x 15.63 x 22.05″

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