AURALiC Aries G1.1 Streamer 串流播放機


銷售價格HK$19,680 正常價格HK$23,800


AURALiC Aries G1.1 Streamer 【完美的入門級串流器】

如果你有解碼器卻缺少一部好用又性價比高的串流器,Aries G1 能為你的解碼器帶來完全升級的串流體驗。AURALiC專屬的Lightning DS用途多樣,除了能幫你的 NAS/Hard Disk建立音樂庫、整理曲庫外,還能加入KKBOX無損音質計劃/Tidal等in-app使用。
聲音表現上,Aries G1乾淨透明的音色搭配任何DAC都不會改變DAC的聲音取向,本身乾淨的聲底也是受惠於AURALiC對降低噪訊的重視,細節更多,對比更明顯,樂器聲音更真實,都是Aries G1出色的地方!

適合使用Aries G1的用家:
- 有解碼器,想找一部支援各種音樂平台,功能多樣的串流機
- CD機用家,Aries G1可以加CD盤聽歌/rip cd!
- 用電腦做Source想升級的用家
- 想找部高性價比,使用方便,支援多個音樂平台的串流器

The G1.1 update brings two new features common to both models. The ARIES G1.1 and ALTAIR G1.1 now feature the high-mass base from our award-winning G2.1 series products. This satin silver base plate improves their overall aesthetic and provides extra vibration damping for better sonic performance. Both units now support AirPlay 2, further expanding your streaming options.

The ARIES G1.1 Wireless Streaming Transporter brings high-performance music streaming to your home audio system. Connect it to your DAC and stream your favorite music wirelessly. With the G1.1 update, customers can purchase an internal storage option to store their favorite music inside the device.



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