Brise Audio YATONO LAN Cable 網路線

Length 長度: 1.5M


YATONO-LAN is a LAN cable manufactured in pursuit of sound quality as a network audio cable

The conductor uses a solid-core wire made of high-purity, special single crystal copper.

LAN cables used for sending and receiving digital data are basically loss-free and the data sent and received are perfectly consistent, as long as the cable complies with the standard. Therefore, if there is no difference in the data, there should be no difference in sound quality regardless of the type of cable used. However, there are many reasons that affect the sound quality, and in reality, the sound quality can vary greatly.
At BriseAudio, we have focused on these reasons, and after giving top priority to sound quality, we have achieved a speed that can withstand the transmission of today's high-resolution music data (guaranteed at 10GBASE-T/100m).
In addition, YATONO-LAN uses an RJ45 connector manufactured by telegaertner, which has an established reputation.
CNT (*1), special electromagnetic wave absorbing shielding material (*2), BS sheet (*3), and various other materials are combined in the right places to create a high-quality sound processing. The range of application and the amount of material are tuned up or down depending on the length of the cable.
The longer the cable, the more material is used.
This LAN cable is made with the utmost care for sound quality in terms of wire materials, high quality sound construction, connectors, etc.

1.      In order to take advantage of the excellent characteristics of CNTs, we have
   developed the most suitable material by repeating joint tests and comparative
   audition among three parties, including national research institutes and
   cooperating material manufacturers.
   Typical characteristics of CNTs are 20 times the strength of steel,
   10 times the thermal conductivity of copper, and half the density of aluminum.
   Excellent shielding ability. There are many other useful physical properties.
   (The properties of CNTs vary depending on the single-phase or multilayer structure.)

2.  A material that absorbs electromagnetic waves & converts heat with very high
   effectiveness, especially in high frequency bands, consisting of 7 layers.
   This is the core material used in all of our high-grade cables, including our
   flagship cable MURAKUMO.
3)   BS Sheet is a material that boosts the positive effects of other materials on
   sound quality, while having very few negative effects on sound quality.

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