Cary Audio DMS-650 串流播放機


銷售價格HK$46,000 正常價格HK$70,000


美國 Cary Audio DMS-650 串流播放機

Cary 的 DMS 系列串流播放機推出新機 DMS-650,用以取代原有的 DMS-600,不論在規格或性能上均有所提升,絕非只是「後繼者」這麼簡單

DMS-650 仍繼續搭載 AKM 的 AK4497EQ Verita DAC 晶片,在提供華麗感和清晰度的同時,能兼具 Cary Audio 最令人喜愛的類比性,讓你絲毫不覺正在聆聽數位串流音樂 

DMS-650 最高支援 32bit / 768kHz PCM 和 DSD512 格式(USB A 輸入),並獲得 Roon Ready 和 MQA 認證,能透過網路無礙聆聽高解析音樂。它也充分支援多家串流音樂平台,包括 Tidal、Qobuz、Spotify、Spotify Connect、vTuner...等,並能播放儲存在 NAS 裡的音樂檔案。不僅如此,DMS-650 還備有三組 USB A 輸入和一組 SD 卡輸入,可直接播放儲存於內的音樂檔案,而且其中一組 USB A 插孔位在面板,SD 卡插孔也在面板,使用更為方便。此外 DMS-650 還具備 aptX-HD 輸入和輸出,也就是說,你甚至可以透過藍牙耳機或藍芽喇叭聆聽 DMS-650,實在太方便!當然,AirPlay 也在它的支援之列

DMS-650 也同樣具備升頻轉換功能,可將 PCM 升頻至最高 768kHz,或是將 PCM 轉換成 DSD 播放,藉此獲得不同的聆聽感受。介面部分仍舊豐富異常,除了同軸、光纖、AES/EBU 數位輸入外,還提供同軸和光纖數位輸出功能,以便搭配不同的 DAC,讓你玩到最高點。此外,DMS-650 的類比輸出兼具 RCA 和 XLR 介面,並能調整音量,輸出最高 3V,直連擴大機也沒問題。

Cary Audio DMS-650 器材規格:

數位輸入:RJ45網路線,Wi-Fi,USB A,SD卡,藍牙,光纖,同軸,AES/EBU
支援最高取樣率(USB):32bit / 768 kHz PCM,DSD512
支援串流功能:Spotify,Tidal,vTuner,Qobuz,MQA 解碼,Roon Ready
數位輸出:同軸(最高 384kHz,DSD128),光纖(最高 192kHz,DSD64)
頻率響應:2Hz – 22kHz(44.1kHz)
動態範圍:121 dB
訊噪比:115 dB
THD:0.0004 %
尺寸:17.25 × 3.75 × 16.25 吋(寬 × 高 × 深)
重量:28.6 lb


The DMS-650 is the latest product in our DMS platform. While it replaces the DMS-550, it surpasses the renown DMS-600 in performance. The DMS-650 packs a BIG punch! Much more so than just calling it a “replacement.” Built around the AK4497EQ VERITA DAC (same as our previous flagship DMS-600), the DMS-650 is a no-compromise killer. It delivers gorgeous clarity and richness with a sense of ease that Cary Audio is famous for. It combines wonderful amounts of detail and fantastic bass articulation yet retains a texture of naturalness that makes you forget you’re listing to a digital source, allowing you to fall back into your music. DMS customers are routinely taken aback at the foundation, dimensionality, openness, and transparent sound the DMS delivers. The DMS-650 is capable of native 32-bit / 768kHz PCM and DSD 512. It’s also Roon Ready and MQA Certified. Like other DMS products, the DMS-650 allows streaming from on-board TIDAL, Qobuz, Spotify, Spotify Connect, vTuner, or from files stored on a network computer or NAS Drive. If that wasn’t enough, it includes three (3) USB-A ports for listening from connected USB hard drives, flash drives, and even from a SD card. As an extra measure for convenience, the DMS-650 also includes aptX™ HD input and output (output for Bluetooth speakers or headphones) as well as Airplay.

The DMS-650 has a slight cosmetic redesign that features a black-out appearance (for black units), which includes a black display frame and black power button. For both black and silver units, the right-side groove now includes a “swoosh” design as well as a faceplate devoid of silkscreened logos for an ultra-clean sleek look.

Additional features include Ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity, TruBit™ 7-step Selectable PCM upsampling to 768kHz, and selectable PCM to DSD conversion with selectable 3-step DSD upsampling. Digital inputs include Coaxial (x2), Optical (x1), and AES/EBU (x1) as well as Coaxial and Optical digital outputs, RCA and XLR fully balanced outputs, OSO™ Re-clocking, MU-MIMO Wi-Fi, and a full 3-volt output and variable volume control for direct-to-amplifier connection.

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