Entreq Olympus Ten T. (奧林匹斯10 T 地盒) (Infinity Package)


銷售價格HK$15,300 正常價格HK$18,640


Entreq Olympus Ten T (奧林匹斯10 T 地盒) (Infinity Package)
(Package 包 Eartha Silver Infinity 1.65m 地線 1 條)

包含: Olympus Ten T x 1 台 & Eartha Silver Infinity (無限銀地線) H/H 1,65M x 1 條

Together with an Eartha Olympus, you get a very powerful earth point that provides a very quiet and interference free background.
The biggest improvement over the Olympus Ten is in the lower and midrange frequencies. Experience an airy and lively bass quality and a kind of 4 D experience.
We also produced Olympus Ten T to meet all demands in a multi box.
The Olympus TenTen.
Weight 2,6 Kg  W 17cm - H 8cm - D 19cm


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