JBL MK12 Karaoke Speaker


銷售價格HK$5,980 正常價格HK$6,480


JBL MK12 卡拉OK專業級喇叭:

  • 所有經本公司出售之 JBL 產品均為香港行貨,原廠總代理保用
  • 本產品享有免費送貨服務(只限香港地區)

MK系列是JBL專為Karaoke KTV 擴聲而設計的二路分頻全頻揚聲器


  • 特別設計的12英寸大功率低音單元,內置解 調/散熱鋁短路環,可有效消除失真、減少功率壓縮
  • 高效型3英寸紙錐高音單元,實現更出色的高 頻回應 承載高音單元的內箱結構採用獨特的V型設計,以提供均勻的聲場覆蓋,提升系統靈敏度
  • 箱體採用高品質中密度纖維板,表面採用乙烯 基貼層處理 精准設計分頻網路,優化功率分配與頻率回應
  • 波紋元素前置網罩與亮咖色系外觀,彰顯個性時尚PSL (Passive Sound Lighting) 無源系統聲光技術點亮應用 
  • 該型號揚聲器以一隻12英寸低音單 元搭配兩隻3英寸高音單元,具有大功率處理能 力、低失真率以及出色的電聲轉換效率等優點。
  • MK12所採用的12英寸低音單元是JBL針對KTV 應用而設計,採用非壓縮長纖維紙漿紙盆與泡沫 折環,韌性與耐用性俱佳,可承受大功率輸出時 磁路系統所產生的巨大加速力。該低音單元內置 解調/散熱鋁短路環,用於消除失真與降低功率 壓縮。
  • MK12的高音採用兩隻3英寸紙錐單元, 設計緊湊輕質,音質明亮細膩,擴散性極佳。 為優化高低音單元間的功率分配與頻率響應
  • JBL工程團隊精心設計的分頻網路。用於承載高音單元的內箱採用了獨特 的V型設計,以實現均勻的聲場覆蓋,提升系統靈敏度
  • 外觀設計突破傳統、時尚個性。 亮咖色外觀、波紋元素前置網罩
  • 箱體由高品質中密度纖 維板製成,表面採用乙烯基貼層處理。箱體配有 兩處高強度
  • 吊掛點,方便用戶吊掛安裝,並提升產品安全性。前置網罩為整體式設計,採用高硬度鋼材,為內部驅動單元提供有效保護
  • 新穎獨特的JBL ENTERTAINMENT發光銘牌則有 賴於JBL PSL無源系統聲光技術,以視覺藝術呈 現JBL經典之聲 

MK Series includes three two-way full-range speaker models: MK08 (8”), MK10 (10”) and MK12 (12”), and is dedicated to sound amplification for karaoke chains. From this JBL Entertainment family member, karaoke operators and installers can expect quality, performance and appearance at an affordable price.

Stunning JBL Sound

MK Series pairs a custom woofer with two 3” paper cone tweeters to realize high power output, low distortion and efficient electro-acoustic conversion.

The woofer features a non-pressed long fiber pulp cone with foam surround, which provides adequate stiffness and resilience for handling powerful electromagnetic forces and high-speed transients. An integrated demodulating aluminum ring further minimizes distortion and power compression of the system.

The two tweeters are chosen for their compact and light weight, and most importantly, their capability of reproducing high notes bright, smooth, and with broad dispersion. Built in a V-shape, the cabinet mounting the tweeters enhances system sensitivity and creates immersive coverage, especially when two twin models are shooting the seating position.

Reliable Performance

Proven JBL technology is the foundation of MK Series’ reliable performance and fault-free operation. Each MK model is driven by a precision-engineered crossover network. Comprised of well-selected components and carefully-designed circuits, the crossover is able to separate frequency bands in great precision, distribute power to each transducer evenly, and provide continuous overload protection to the entire system.

MK Series impresses the audience with smooth and warm vocal reproduction, to which multiple rounds of simulations and tunings by JBL audio experts is put down.

Novel Design

MK Series presents itself as a blend of design and technology through its light-coffee rendering, rippling front-grille, and luminous JBL ENTERTAINMENT logo.

The neutral light coffer palette ensures the MK enclosures easily coordinate with different decoration genres. High hardness steel grille inspired by sound waves provides adequate protection to components inside. JBL’s PSL (Passive Sound Lighting) Technology is what’s behind the glowing JBL ENTERTAINMENT logo and making JBL sound visible.

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