M&K Sound M40T 喇叭


銷售價格HK$10,800 正常價格HK$11,700


M&K Sound M40T 環繞聲道喇叭 (PAIR)

M40TM系列的環繞聲道喇叭,採用了Tripole 三向發聲專利,正面的高音單體、中低音單體與M70M50的規格相同,運用了M&K SOUND旗艦級技術,加上左右兩側配置的全音域單體,創造定位清晰、音效移動軌跡明確的後方音場,與前方主喇叭完美銜接,提供最真實的空間包圍感,讓您能彷彿置身電影院,完全沈浸於3D效果之中。M&K SOUND為不同情境、不同需求設計專屬系列喇叭,讓您在任何環境都可以領略正統劇院音效的魅力!

    NEW design – form and function are optimized for today’s listening and viewing experience. The décor-friendly On-Wall design gives the customers the flexibility for an easy and simple installation where performance and esthetic are the core elements.

    The ultra slim, low-profile enclosure is the benchmark for the NEW M Series. All model is designed specifically for direct On-Wall mounting and is fitted with integral rear panel brackets, along with specially designed damping pads to ensure easy and vibration-free installation. All mounting accessories is included providing a simple and hassle-free installation

    All models feature new components as well as a new improved cross-over making each model a true voice match within the M Series.

    Specifications for the M40 Speaker


    Nominal system impedance: 4 ohm (Z-min 4.6 ohm)
    Frequency Response: 100-20Khz (average response in room +/- 2dB)
    Frequency Roll Off: 100Hz (-6dB 100 Hz near field wall mounted)
    Crossover Frequency: 2.0 Khz “Phase focused” (4th&2nd order)
    Tweeter (shielded): 1” Dome – Coated silk dome / Neodymium magnet
    Woofer (shielded): 4” Coated glass fibre
    Side drivers (shielded): 2 X 3″ (Polymer Coated Textured Paper)
    Power Handling: 80 watt Long term IEC-268-5 (cycled input 100-20Khz)
    Power Handling: 50 watt (Rated IEC-268-5 (constant input 100-20Khz)
    Recommended Amplifier Power: 25-125 watt (Recommended amp power to drive speaker)
    Sensitivity: 85 dB (Average SPL 2.83 Volt / 1mtr (on axis 200-10KHz)
    System Princip: Sealed enclosure
    Connection: Terminal gold plating (Screw for 5 mm cable / Banana)


    Dimensions HxWxD: magnet7.7 x 7,8 x 4,8 inch- 19.5 x 20 x 12,2 cm (incl grill)
    Weight: 6.5 lb / 2.9 kg


    Finish: Black / White satin

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