M&K Sound S150 喇叭


銷售價格HK$19,680 正常價格HK$22,000


M&K Sound S150 喇叭 (新版本)

全新的S150系列作為 M&K SOUND 全新世代的指標,充分應用旗艦型號 S300 機種的單元技術,高音單體口徑加大為1.1吋,號稱是經典S150系列史上第一次「真正的升級」。邀您共享全球專業影音工作者的唯一首選,在家裡也能擁有超越極限的不敗傳奇。

元祖 M&K SOUND S150系列誕生於1990年代,劃時代的經典設計,能夠承受高功率與大音壓,極低的音染與低失真的特性,讓S150系列成為世界各大專業錄音廠所指定的鑑聽喇叭,豎立難以超越的標準! 

  • 獨家三高音陣列,降低高頻失真與空間反射音
  • 鋁合金加厚加寬的一體式前版
  • 新款高音單體可承受更高功率、線性特性更佳
  • 新設計的導波器優化高音擴散性
  • 中低音單體玻璃纖維音盆剛性高、失真更低
  • 以法拉第環降低失真


The legendary S150 is the culmination of more than 40 years of loudspeaker design and acustic solution for any critical audio and video recordings.

What this updated version of the legendary studio monitor does in the conveyance of exactly what is there in the recorded source, no more and no less, is difficult to formulate in just a few words.

Essentially, it does pretty much nothing, except open up a wide, clean, clear window on every aspect of recorded sound, allowing you to shift your personal focus as you choose between specific details, instruments or voices, while never losing sight of the totality of the overall musical experience.

Specifications for the S150 Speaker

Impedance 4 ohm
Recommended Amplifier Power: 25-500W
Bass/Midrange: 2 x 5,25” Fiberglass
High Frequency Driver: 3 x 1.1” Soft Fabric Dome
Frequency Response: 75 Hz – 20KHz +/- 3dB
Sensitivity: 92 dB, 2.83V1m


Dimensions HxWxD: 31,8 x 26,6 x 30,8 cm / 12,5 x 10,4 x 12,2”
Weight: 11.5 kg / 25.4 lbs


Finish: Black satin

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