NU-X V2 Roon 音樂伺服器


Version: NUX-V2 (i3)
銷售價格HK$9,980 正常價格HK$12,800


NU-X V2 Roon Music Server 音樂伺服器

The Ultimate Roon experience

Fully compatible of Roon Nucleus Plus, the NU-X V2 music server on the market that is designed from the ground up to provide the best Roon experience.

The NU-X V2 is a zero compromise for those users that have large music libraries (files or streaming), many audio zones, or want the most demanding DSP options. NU-X V2 provides the snappiest and most future-proof experience for running Roon. 

Features and Spec

  • Fanless aluminum chassis
  • 2 USB ports for USB audio devices or external storage devices
  • 2 HDMI audio outputs
  • Ethernet port for networking, for easy zero setup networking
  • Updates for firmware are integrated into the Roon App
  • Dimension 1.3 x 6.6 x 6.3 inches
  • Weight 2.9kg


  • Over 10,0000 albums (1 million tracks)
  • Over 6 simultaneous zones
  • DSD 512 upsampling
  • All combinations of DSP are available


  • Optional 2TB / 4TB / 6TB SSD Storage
  • Optional Linear Power Supply
  • Optional Ferrum Audio Hypsos hybrid DC (bundle offer)

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