OS SCREEN EP系列 WF204 電動幕


尺寸: 80"
銷售價格HK$13,980 正常價格HK$14,980


日本 OS Screen EP系列 電動幕

  • OS Screen EP系列幕備有黑色及白色外殼可供選擇
  • EP Series = "Made in Japan 質量保證" 
  • 所有EP系列投影幕均在日本OS廠房受注生產


Material: WF204
OS's self-invented technique makes a clear and comfortable image in a special random structure.

  • 3°gain 0.90 ± 10%
  • Half gain 60°or more



Pure Mat 204 WF204 wins a lot of awards in Japan and gains high evaluations.


Origin WF204 of all pure mats. A high-quality image produced with the special double folding by the warp and weft yarn.

  • PVC is not used for WF204.
  • WF204 produces little moire but less due to special double-folded fabrics of polyester fibers.
  • This is an ideal diffusion type with almost no loss of gain even at a viewing angle of 60° or more.
  • Since the curtain surface is not colored, bring out more of color effect.
  • The WF204 is a diffusive FHD-enabled screen.
    Diffusive screens reflect image of the same quality in all forward directions, regardless of the viewer's position.

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