Oyaide OCB-1 EX2 拖板


銷售價格HK$2,960 正常價格HK$3,180


日本製造 Oyaide OCB-1 EXs2 拖板

Name of product OCB-1 EXs2
Outlet plug talkative Four
Cable portion L / i50 OFC II (2.0sq x 4 cores + ground wire (0.75sq)
Cable armor Tetoronsuri - Breakfast (inside) + PET sleeve (Outside: Blue)
Power plug Oyaide AP-037 (non-IP)
Outlet Oyaide SWO -DX / ULTIMO (blue)
Internal wiring Domestic sterling silver single wire 2.0 mm (skin pass processing)
Outer diameter W120 × L120 × H60 (case only, not including the legs)
mass 830g
Cable length 2.0m

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