PXLGLASS™ 8 Hybrid 8K 光纖 HDMI線


Length: 5M
銷售價格HK$4,980 正常價格HK$5,300


  • PXLGLASS™ 8K Features Overview
  • 48Gbps/12Gbps per CH
  • 8K60 4:4:4 Dynamic HDR, 8K120 4:2:0 Dynamic HDR, 4K120 4:4:4
  • Supports all other formats within the 2.1 specification
  • Up to 30M

PXLGLASS™ 8 Hybrid Interconnect

At 48Gbps, cables (really) matter. Introducing PXLGLASS™ 8, a long-reach full bandwidth 8K interconnect solution capable of delivering 100% uncompressed signals up to 30m, perfect for larger or more expansive home theatres. Guaranteeing 48G bandwidth and complete protocol function feature-set (including eARC), PXLGLASS™ 8 has been carefully engineered by Pixelgen to ensure the highest level of signal integrity from a highspeed, low-speed communication & DC perspective. PXLGLASS™ 8 can guarantee the delivery of 8K60 12-bit 4:2:0 and all HDR formats including; Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+ and HLG.

Designed in Canada, Pixelgen has put an intense focus on delivering one of the biggest “missing links” in the market – Robust uncompressed 48Gbps connectivity solutions.


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