Silent Angel Rhein Z1 Roon 音樂伺服器 (純串流版)





1. Specially designed operating system: VitOS

2. 250 GB Silent Angel Customized SSD for System Disk.
    1 TB / 2 TB Silent Angel Customized SSD for Data Disk (optional).
3. Up to 2 simultaneous zones for multi-room streaming applications.

4.High quality and thick aluminum alloy chassis.
5. Ultra low power consumption SSD and isolated power circuit design inside the SSD to ensure low electrical noise emission from SSD.
6. Low power consumption CPU to reduce the electrical noise emission from CPU.
7. Customized Silent Angel Noise Absorber (SANA) inside.

8.USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports for external storage expansion. 

9.USB Audio port for USB DAC connection. 

10.For engineer test only, DO NOT USE: HDMI

11.Fan-less design.

Product parameters


Data Disk:  

black, silver; (requires other colors can be customized)

Z1 Standard version has 250GB system sisk for system usage only. You can choose Z1 NAS version, which has an additional 1TB or 2TB SSD Data Disk.

Power Inlet: 


12V DC @ 3A max. (Spec. 5.5mm x 2.5mm, tip carries +12V)

USB Audio X 1; USB 3.0 X 1; USB 2.0 x 2; Gigabit Network X1
HDMI X 1 (service interface); power connector X 1


200x200x65 (mm)


6 KG ( Gross Weight )

DSD Support:

Please noted that DAC supports DSD with "DSD Native" is required for you to play DSD music up to DSD256 smoothly. If your DAC supports DSD with "DoP" (DSD over PCM) mode, then the Z1 only support DSD music up to DSD64 (which means DSD128 or DSD256 is not supported in DoP mode).

Number of music:

Z1 is designed to handle 100,000 songs or 4TB music files smoothly.

DSP Ability:

All DSP functions available in the PCM domain including upsampling. And the transcode ability is to transcode from DSD256 to 384Khz PCM.

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