VS Screen ALR 系列 黑栅抗光幕


Size 尺寸: 80
銷售價格HK$6,980 正常價格HK$7,980


VS Screen ALR 系列
Ultra 黑栅固定抗光幕

  • VS Screen ALR 固定幕 採用全金屬框架, 可靠耐用
  • 備有不同尺寸: 80", 92", 100", 110", 120" 16:9 Sizes
  • Design for UST Projector / LaserTV

VS Screen Ultra 黑栅抗光幕特點:

  • 0.6 Gain,170° angle of view,
  • Ambient Light Rejection - Rejects 90% of Ambient Light
  • UST ALR(Ultra short throw Ambient Light Rejecting) screen material 「ALR/CLR;Black/White Lenticular Technology」
  • Designed for Ultra Short Throw Projectors*
  • 超幼邊框 , 金屬框架 Aluminum Frame

The screen material has a sawtooth angular design with a light rejecting filter. This has the combined effect of completely diffusing ambient light from above, whilst simultaneously reflecting a stunning image in the eyes of the viewer from an ‘Ultra Short Throw (UST)’ laser projector below.  
This optical serrated structure of the screen allows the projected image from below, directly onto  
a special light plate accurately reflecting the image to the viewer in a 170-degree cone. This optical serrated structure further has a light suppression filter that does not reflect light, it diffuses it such that the usual foggy phenomenon with traditional screens no longer occurs

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