✅ Delivery service

You get free standard delivery. If you choose to deliver during certain designated hours, we may charge additional fees.

Delivery service is limited to fixed addresses, service areas include (i) Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories, Tung Chung, Discovery Bay and Ma Wan

The deliveryman will call the customer about 30 minutes before the designated delivery time on the day of delivery. When the goods are delivered, please make sure that the packaging or outer box of the goods is intact, and count whether the ordered quantity matches.

The delivery service is not applicable to non-fixed addresses, border restricted areas, outlying islands, warehouses, and locations where delivery cannot be done via stairs but requires entering the house via the balcony. If the delivery address is not directly accessible by lift, we will charge additional service fees based on each floor, except underground. For particularly large items and other charges, the deliveryman will collect cash. Details of additional charges are as follows:

✅ Special delivery service - additional fee schedule

  1. Delivery arrangements up or down stairs

Each item (small) is charged in increments of HK$30 per layer: any small items other than (large) and the total weight of each item does not exceed 20 kilograms.

Each item (large) is in increments of HK$50 per level: including CRT TVs and plasma TVs of any size or volume. OLED TV/LCD, LED TV with screen size from 65 to 75 inches, floor-mounted speakers.

✅ Remarks:

*The above stair charges do not include stairs in the unit. If this service is required, the delivery team will quote the customer for the relevant additional delivery charges based on the actual situation;

**Two or more steps are considered stairs;

****Any oversized product or product that needs to be unboxed before entering the building requires a special quote.

  1. The surrounding village houses or all situations where the delivery team needs to carry extra goods to the delivery location due to vehicle inaccessibility:

2.1 The walking distance from the drop-off location to the delivery location exceeds 100 meters or

2.2 The walk from the drop-off location to the delivery location takes more than three minutes

Each delivery point is calculated at HK$100 per one-way trip.

3. Unpacking services on behalf of customers/lifting goods across obstacles (special circumstances)