Ansuz Darkz D2W Anniversary 10th Anniversary Limited Edition

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Ansuz Darkz D2W Anniversary 10th Anniversary Limited Edition

In order to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Ansuz, the original factory specially developed a special limited edition of Ansuz Darkz shock-proof foot pads. The Darkz series has always been Ansuz's best-selling product, which incorporates Ansuz's research and development philosophy on vibration control. Ansuz Darkz D2W each has three discs (discs). Three beads are used in the middle of the two discs, which provides excellent suppression and absorption effects on sound vibrations without affecting the original sound signal. Processing the vibration parts that have an impact on sound quality, the system using Ansuz Darkz D2W sounds natural and lively, without the unnatural cold and sharp feeling like other traditional products.

● Design philosophy: Suppress and absorb vibration and optimize sound quality.
● Surface treatment: Ansuz Signature Coating coating technology, using Hi-PIMS (High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering), applying zirconium (zirconium) and tungsten (tungsten) coating, aluminum titanium nitride (aluminum titanium) nitride) and zirconium (zirconium).
● Vibration suppression balls: Made of tungsten (tungsten), which is very stable and has good vibration control. It is 4 times higher than titanium and has better mechanical grounding effect.
● Exclusive limited edition colors and designs

ANSUZ Acoustics is a brand from Denmark. Its products are high-end fever wires and accessories. The designer is Michael Børresen. Before you get to know ANSUZ, you should first get to know this genius, because in addition to ANSUZ, he is also the founder of Raidho Acoustics and Raidho Acoustics. The person in charge of two speaker brands, Scansonic HD and Aavik Acoustics system equipment, can be called an all-round designer.

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