AIM LS3 Hybrid HDMI Cable (8K)

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Length: 1.5M
Sale priceHK$12,200


AIM LS3 8K flagship optical fiber HDMI cable

Japan AIM LS 3 8K fiber optic, pure copper Hybrid HDMI cable

  • Maximum resolution: 10k/120p, 8K/30p/30-bit (4:4:4)
  • Connector: 24 gold plated
  • Connector size: W20.6×H10.8×D40.3mm
  • Cable outer diameter: 50φ
  • Cable conductor: FRL signal line is optical fiber, other signal lines are copper wire
  • Shield: Double aluminum shield
  • Bending radius: 20mm
  • Insulator: PVC
  • Cable structure: quartz fiber + copper wire hybrid
  • External power supply: The sending and receiving power jacks are installed on the side HDMI interface

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