AIM NA9 SHIELDIO LAN Cable network cable

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Length: 1M
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AIM NA9【New flagship Lan line made in Japan debuts】

New four-layer shielding structure "Hoplon"
As soon as NA9 was launched, it was selected as a Best Buy product by Japan's most authoritative audio magazine "Stereo Sound"!
NA9 combines the technology of the traditional Shieldio series with the new four-layer shielding structure "Hoplon". It is made of Pulshut MU material researched by Asahi Kasei and aluminum, copper and high-density copper braiding, plus a newly patented foam layer sheath and more stable The German-made Telegärtner connector allows NA9 to achieve the best signal-to-noise ratio improvement in AIM's history.

AIM NA9 LAN Cable design features:

  • Adopts new "Hoplon" four-layer shielding technology
  • Playing music provides richer information
  • Using a more stable 360° screened German-made Telegärtner MFP8 RJ45 connector for improved durability
  • The width and depth of the sound field are greatly improved
  • Extreme shielding makes the lines of music more obvious
  • Use the newly developed TOMY ferrite magnetic material sheath to absorb electromagnetic waves that affect signal transmission
  • AWG 22 wire diameter high-quality single oxygen-free copper wire core ensures 40Gbps high-speed transmission
  • The special material PULSHUT ® MU developed by Asahi Kasei (Asahi Kasei Co., Ltd.) is used to cover each set of twisted pair cores to absorb electromagnetic waves to ensure that the tone of the core conductors will not be interfered by external noise.
Product specifications:
Connector: 8P8C modular connector (RJ45)
Connector size: W13.9mm X H53.8mm X D16.3mm
Joint structure: 360° display with full hard polycarbonate housing and die-cast zinc nickel plating
standard: Complies with ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B and IEC 60603-7-5
Cable outer diameter: 10Φ(mm)
Cable color: black
Conductor size: Single wire AWG22
Number of wires: Twisted pair × 4 (8 strands)
Conductor material: OFC (high purity single branch oxygen-free copper)
Wire covering: PULSHUT®MU
Shield: TOMY ferrite magnetic material sheath
Conductor coating: Patented new foam layer sheath

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