AIM Ua3 Shieldio USB Cable

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Length length: 0.5M
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AIM UAC USB Cable design features:

  • Design Features:
    - Use a single pure silver core for signal end conductor transmission to demonstrate high-level transmission characteristics
    - The special material PULSHUT ® MU developed by Asahi Kasei (Asahi Kasei Co., Ltd.) is used to cover each set of twisted pair cores to absorb electromagnetic waves to ensure that the tone of the core conductors will not be interfered by external noise.
    - Use high-quality aluminum foil and high-density copper braid to double-shield each group of signal and power cores.
    - The signal and power cores are separated by independent flat structures to maintain the distance between the two sets of cores and reduce the pollution of signal transmission by power noise.
    - Considering the propagation characteristics of sound, the protective layers of the plugs at both ends are 100% covered and shielded + copper foil as double-layer shielding

    Product specifications:
    USB standard: USB 2.0 (USB High / Full speed)
    Wire body size: 8.0mm x 4.5mm (flat structure)
    color: black
    Number of conductors: Twisted pair x 2 (4 lines)
    Conductor specifications: Signal cable: AWG24 / Power cable: AWG20
    Conductor material: Signal line: pure silver (single branch line) / power line: oxygen-free copper
    Wire covering: PULSHUT®MU
    Shield: High quality aluminum foil + high density copper braid
    Plug specifications: USB "A" / USB "B"
    Plug size:
    Specification A:

    Specification B:

    W15.50 x D41.50 x H7.60 mm
    (Except for protruding parts)
    W15.50 x D41.50 x H7.60 mm
    (Except for protruding parts)
    Plug protective layer: 100% covered shield + copper foil
    Plug plating: gold plated

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