AIM Usac Shieldio USB Cable

Length length: 1M
Sale priceHK$880


AIM USAC USB Cable design features:

  • 28AWG high-purity oxygen-free copper, the signal end uses 28AWG high-purity oxygen-free copper with pure silver plating
  • Use separate flat structure to isolate electromagnetic interference
  • Add a layer of thin film stabilizing sleeve between the aluminum foil and high-density copper mesh to increase screen efficiency and reduce signal distortion
Product specifications:
USB standard: USB 2.0 (USB High / Full speed)
Wire body size: 6.0mm x 3.5mm (flat structure)
color: black
Number of conductors: Twisted pair x 2 (4 lines)
Conductor specifications: Signal cable: AWG28 / Power cable: AWG28
Conductor material: Oxygen-free copper silver plating
Shield: High quality aluminum foil + film stabilizing sleeve + high density copper braid
Plug specifications: USB "A" / USB "C"
Plug size:
Specification A:

Specification C:

W15.50 x D36.50 x H7.60 mm
(Except for protruding parts)
W12.20 x D28.40 x H7.40 mm
(Except for protruding parts)
Plug protective layer: 100% covered shield + copper foil
Plug plating: gold plated

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