Ansuz A2 Mainz Powercord Power Cord

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Length:: 1.5M
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The ANSUZ A2 Mainz Power Cord

A2 MAINZ - Pristine sound

The Ansuz Mainz A2 power cord is fitted with Ansuz's noise reduction technology. Double inverted helix coils radically reduce the sonic noise effects of induction and provide more energy to the music presented on a more expanded and holistic soundstage.

ANSUZ Acoustics is a brand from Denmark. Its products are high-end fever wires and accessories. The designer is Michael Børresen. Before you get to know ANSUZ, you should first get to know this genius, because in addition to ANSUZ, he is also the founder of Raidho Acoustics and Raidho Acoustics. The person in charge of two speaker brands, Scansonic HD and Aavik Acoustics system equipment, can be called an all-round designer.

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