Ansuz Jumperz X2 speaker jumpers

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Ansuz Jumperz X2 Jumper Cable Speaker Jumper

0.4m length, BFA Termination

More than a pure signal

The Ansuz Jumperz X2 cable opens the gateway to an absolutely new sound quality that is characteristic of the entire Ansuz series of high-end power cables. Enjoy this much more natural sound of your favorite music.


All cables in the X-series have been replaced with new upgraded X2 versions.
The new X2 series have the same high-quality aluminum plugs and connectors as the other Ansuz 2-series. Conductors, shielding and insulation materials remain the same, but with the better mechanics in the higher quality of plugs the performance takes a big step upwards .

With the X2 series, Ansuz Acoustics has met a great wish from music lovers and Hi-Fi enthusiasts, who have felt that an Ansuz set-up was a bigger investment than they were willing to make. Even with the strong price/performance ratio of the X2 cables, the compromises are next to non-existent.

The Ansuz X2 cables are made of twisted, shielded, silver-plated copper solid-cores in mechanically stable Teflon insulation.



One of the most important factors that is essential for a great result is to ensure that the your music system system is properly grounded. Ansuz cables include technologies that ensure the best possible grounding.

Ansuz Acoustics has developed a complete range of accessories that will create the ideal environment, beneficial for the performance of your high-end components.


How to set up and optimize your Ansuz Mainz system.

To get the full potential out of any audio/video system it is crucial that your supply of current is as good as possible. When your electronic components are demanding current from the grid, it is important that nothing is limiting or slowing down the delivery of instant power.
The Ansuz Mainz concept can be designed to match any Hi-Fi or High End system and are upgradable to satisfy even the highest demands.

Due to the construction of Ansuz cables, you will always get a more positive influence on the sound quality when using longer cables. Obviously, there are limitations to how long cables you want in your system. However, any Ansuz cable in two meter will clearly sound better than a one meter – a four-meter cable performs even better….

An Ansuz cable in a higher quality level will outperform any length of cable from a lower level. So, if you do not need the length a 4 meter Ansuz A2 you should rather go for a 2 meter Ansuz C2.

All Ansuz Mainz cables feature DGC technology® (Direct Ground Connector). With all your components connected with Mainz cables to an Ansuz Mainz8 power distributor, you will minimize the ground potential between your devices and thus minimize ground current and signal induced fluctuations.
It can be an advantage to connect Ansuz Mainz cables to a grounded wall power socket. However, it is not crucial, if you use an Ansuz power distributor. The Ansuz Mainz8 features an extremely low impedance star-grounding configuration.


Beside efficient power and ground distribution noise suppression is one of the key features of the Ansuz Mainz8 power distributors. The Ansuz Sparkz noise cancellation system is very different from the technology used in power conditioners, as it works parallel to the current feed by adding countersignals to the detected noise signals. The effect is less smearing of the details, higher dynamic contrast on a darker background to the music - Without lowering the energy and musical liveliness that most power conductors have a tendency to do!


Not that many years ago, every audiophile would first focus on the speaker wires and then work his way backwards through the system. These days we know better. First you need to establish a solid basis – a good power structure with efficient electrical grounding. Then you can focus on speaker wires and interconnects.

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