Ansuz P2 Mainz Powercord Power Cord

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Length: 1.5M
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ANSUZ P2 Series Power Cable Focus

Ansuz Acoustics' wire products are divided into six levels, entry-level X2 series, advanced P (POM steel plastic) series, A (Aluminum aluminum) series, C (Ceramic ceramic), mid-to-high-end D (Diamond diamond) and The top D•TC (Tesla) series.

Ansuz Acoustics Mainz P2 power cords feature many of the manufacturer's technologies in terms of performance, including DGC, DIHC and NSC. As for the power plug, it uses an aluminum metal plug, which has the best electrical performance in terms of feel and shielding.

  • The conductors are made of shielded silver-plated copper. Carefully settled signal handling .
  • The ground wire is made of shielded silver-plated copper. Carefully unwound signal handling .
  • Anodized aluminum housing Exclusive protection .
  • The housing is made of anodized aluminum with in-house made laser engravings.

ANSUZ Acoustics is a brand from Denmark. Its products are high-end fever wires and accessories. The designer is Michael Børresen. Before you get to know ANSUZ, you should first get to know this genius, because in addition to ANSUZ, he is also the founder of Raidho Acoustics and Raidho Acoustics. The person in charge of two speaker brands, Scansonic HD and Aavik Acoustics system equipment, can be called an all-round designer.

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