ATC SCM20 Passive (Bookshelf)

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color: Cherry wood color (Pair)
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ATC SCM20 Speaker (Bookshelf)


The hybrid design integrates a 75mm soft hemispherical voice coil cover grafted onto a 150mm woofer cone.

The magnet assembly uses ATC's unique "SL" technology, which greatly reduces the distortion of the moving coil driver unit, with a very significant effect of 12-15dB (3rd harmonic). In order to minimize time domain distortion, the dome cover and cone are coated with ATC's own unique formula of effective anti-resonance coating materials.

Not only does the SCM20SL replay low frequencies with exceptional detail and authority, it also has brilliantly clear mids, incredible dynamic range and awesome power handling.

The active ground version ( SCM20ATSL ) is driven by an ATC "ground source" dual amplifier with a two-way electronic split. The mid/bass unit is driven with 200 watts, while the tweeter has 50 watts of "AB" class power.

Both amplifiers feature instantaneous gain reduction circuitry that both protects the drive units from unpleasant sounds caused by over-pushing.

Either matches ATC SCA2 or CA2 preamplifier, the SCM20AT outperforms any other combination in the same price range, or even more expensive combinations.

Classic Series Classic models can choose special wood veneer for special order (please contact us Tel: 39023606)

SCM20 (Passive) (passive)

Driver unit: 25mm tweeter, 75mm midrange/150mm woofer
Frequency response (-6dB): 60Hz-20kHz
Matched response: ±0.5dB
Dispersion: ±80° horizontal coherence, ±10° vertical coherence
Maximum sound pressure level: 108 decibels
Crossover point: 2.8kHZ
Input interface: two-wire binding post
Recommended amplifier (see ATC SIA2-150 ): 50-300 watts
Cabinet size (height x width x depth): 440x239x333mm
Weight: 22.7kg

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