Audioquest Dragon48 Line Saint HDMI Cable

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" DRAGON 48: Audioquest's most perfect HDMI cable at this stage

Audioquest, known as the "American Cable Saint", has been selling various high-end audio and video cables for many years, including HDMI cables, and has launched many high-quality products. Faced with the gradual popularization and application of HDMI version 2.1, when audioquest launched the new generation of top cable DRAGON series, it also launched the top HDMI cable. Its materials are the top among all audioquest HDMI cables, and its Shielding and noise suppression processing are also of the highest level!

Let’s talk about conductors first. AudioQuest will use different grades of conductors on different grades of wires, such as long crystalline copper as the basis, and then super smooth the conductor surface to reduce impedance and increase conduction characteristics. The more advanced ones are silver-plated on the surface to further improve the conductive properties, or even super smooth surface treatment of the silver material, etc. As for the DRGAON 48 HDMI cable, its conductor is made of the highest grade PSS (Perfect-Surface Silver), which is 100% pure silver conductor. It also has a super smooth surface treatment. You will never see it in ordinary HDMI cables. Such good materials are used, and the signal transmission ability is outstanding.

In addition to good conductors, shielding and isolation of noise is also very important. Especially in modern life, people are surrounded by various noises such as Wi-Fi and mobile phones, which may be mixed into the wire signals and interfere with the audio and video effects. In this part, Audioquest’s approach is also divided into levels. The higher the level of the product, the more means to deal with noise. For example, the Level 5 fifth-level noise dissipation system is to make the outer layer of the wire resemble a sandwich structure. Including metal films, carbon fiber composite materials, and graphene. Among them, graphene is a nanometer-level material that has a strong electromagnetic wave absorption effect. There are even specialized graphene patches sold in the market, which can be attached to mobile phones to absorb electromagnetic waves. Audioquest directly makes it in high-end Inside the shielding layer of the wire, the effect of absorbing noise is improved.

The shielding and dissipation system used by DRAGON 48 is the highest level, Level 6. In addition to it, it has a sandwich structure composed of metal film, carbon fiber composite materials, and graphene. In addition, audioquest’s exclusive patented 72V DBS dielectric bias system (Dielectric-Bias System) is also added, which is a technology only used in audioquest’s high-end wire products. Also because of various precision designs, DRAGON 48 wires are directional. If you connect them in the direction indicated by the original manufacturer, you will get the best results in terms of noise suppression and conduction characteristics.

DRAGON 48 can be said to be a collection of all audioquest’s best wire-making technologies and the best materials. If your budget is unlimited and you want every aspect of the audio-visual system to be perfect, then this DRAGON 48 is the perfect design of audioquest, and it is what you are looking for.

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