Audioquest Forest48 HDMI Cable

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Length: 1M
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AudioQuest new 48Gbps HDMI cable series

The internal structure and layout will be more compact and precise than the current model. Among the 19 conductors, 5 pairs are used to transmit A/V signals. Not only are they equipped with different degrees of shielding, but they also have independent ground leads (Ground Reference) to create better noise immunity. In addition, the welding and shielding processing methods of the connecting terminals are obviously much more sophisticated than similar products.

  • Supports 8K/10K, 48Gbps bandwidth, corresponding to 8K/60, 4K/120 video, HDR, and eARC

  • The A/V signal conductor and eARC dedicated conductor are made of a single long crystalline pure copper, Solid Long Grain Copper.

  • The special shield/ground lead (Ground Reference) for the A/V signal conductor is made of tinned copper.

  • Level 1 Noise Emissions: Directional Monitoring Conductor Layout

  • Available length: 0.6 m – 12.5 m **(Forest 18 above 5m, supports 18Gbps bandwidth, 4K - 8K/30 video resolution)

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