AURALiC Altair G2.1 Streaming DAC w/phono streaming decoding

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title: Altair G2.1
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AURALiC Altair G2.1 Streaming DAC w/Phono streaming decoding

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Altair G2.1 is Auralic's high-end wireless streaming DAC. What is the difference between it and Vega G2.1? Vega G2.1 is also a streaming DAC, but Vega G2.1 has no wireless function and can only transmit data through a network cable. However, Vega G2.1 has Auralic’s own Lightning-Link interface, which can connect to Leo GX.1 clock and Sirius G2.1 upconverter, while Altair G2.1 does not have Lightning-Link. In other words, if you want a standalone, full-featured high-end wireless streaming decoding DAC, Altair G2.1 is definitely the best choice.

Altair G2.1, like all Auralic G2. . 1 has lower signal-to-noise value than the previous generation. The foot pads are equipped with a special shock-absorbing design, with a total of 6 springs of two materials and calibers inside, which can not only absorb and suppress vibrations, but also maintain the balance of the body.

In the digital core part, Altair G2.1 is equipped with a Tesla G2 processor with more powerful computing power. The performance is increased by 50%, which can easily meet the computing needs of streaming, decoding, servo... etc., and can support up to 32bit / 384kHz PCM and DSD512 format, the internal DSP filter processor can meet the user's preferences for different timbres. In the main clock part, Altair G2.1 operates on a clock that is completely independent of the signal source and has a dedicated ultra-low noise signal that can minimize phase noise and remain quiet and accurate, reaching an accuracy of 72 femtoseconds. The sound control uses R-2R ladder network resistors to precisely control the volume, so it is no problem to use the current level.

Altair G2.1 supports a variety of network transmission methods and streaming services, including UPnP/DLNA, AirPlay,
Tidal, Qobuz, KKBOX, Internet Radio, Roon Ready, etc., even external USB storage devices and USB optical disc drives are no problem. Not only that, as long as the hard drive is installed in the Altair G2.1, it can also be used as a music server. By the way, Altair G2.1 also provides RCA high-level input and RCA phono input (MM). It’s comprehensive enough!

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