AURALiC Aries G1.1 Streamer streaming player

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AURALiC Aries G1.1 Streamer [The perfect entry-level streamer]

If you have a decoder but lack a useful and cost-effective streamer, Aries G1 can bring a completely upgraded streaming experience to your decoder. AURALiC's exclusive Lightning DS has a variety of uses. In addition to helping you build a music library and organize your music library on your NAS/Hard Disk, it can also be used in in-apps such as KKBOX Lossless Sound Plan/Tidal.
In terms of sound performance, the clean and transparent timbre of Aries G1 will not change the sound orientation of any DAC when paired with any DAC. The clean sound itself also benefits from AURALiC's emphasis on reducing noise, with more details, more obvious contrast, and more musical instrument sounds. Reality, these are the outstanding features of Aries G1!

Suitable users of Aries G1:
- I have a decoder and want to find a streaming device that supports various music platforms and has various functions.
- CD player users, Aries G1 can add CDs to listen to music/rip cds!
- Users who use computers as Source and want to upgrade
- Looking for a cost-effective, easy-to-use streamer that supports multiple music platforms

The G1.1 update brings two new features common to both models. The ARIES G1.1 and ALTAIR G1.1 now feature the high-mass base from our award-winning G2.1 series products. This satin silver base plate improves their overall aesthetic and provides extra vibration damping for better sonic performance. Both units now support AirPlay 2, further expanding your streaming options.

The ARIES G1.1 Wireless Streaming Transporter brings high-performance music streaming to your home audio system. Connect it to your DAC and stream your favorite music wirelessly. With the G1.1 update, customers can purchase an internal storage option to store their favorite music inside the device.

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