BENQ V5000i 4K LaserTV ultra-short throw laser projection TV

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BENQ V5000i 4K HDR Android TV Smart Laser TV

  • 4K UHD, 8.3 million pixels, 2500 ANSI lumens
  • RGB three primary color laser light source, life span 20,000 hours
  • Support HDR10+, HDR10, HLG
  • HDR-Pro technology, bright and dark details are clear
  • LCE zone light control and DB full zone light control: restore the light and dark details of the film
  • Google certified AndroidTV smart TV system, preloaded with apps such as Netflix and YouTube
  • V5000i provides 3 HDMI 2.0b (HDCP 2.2), SPDIF; eARC sound return function can support 7.1 channels & Dolby Atmos, one HDMI can perfectly connect your home theater system

BENQ V5000i main performance specifications


4K Laser TV 

display technology 


display chip 

0.47 inches 

Resolution _ 

4K-UHD (3840 × 2160) @60Hz 

Luminosity _ 

2,500 ANSI _ 

Contrast comparison 

2,500,000:1 (w/ Lightsource Dimming) 

Throw RatioThrow Ratio 


HDR Compatible 

Yes (HDR 10 & HLG) 

3D Compatible 


Keystone keystone correction 

2D, (auto) vertical ± 30 degrees; horizontal (auto) ± 30 degrees‎

input / output interface 

HDMI input (x3), HDMI-1 (2.0b/HDCP2.2), HDMI-2 (2.0b/HDCP2.2), HDMI-3 (2.1/HDCP2.2) (4K 120Hz), HDMI-Internal (2.0 b/HDCP2.2)

USB Type A (x3), USB Type A-1 (2.0/power supply 1.5A/maintenance), USB Type A-2 (2.0/power supply 1.0A/card reader), USB Type A-3 (2.0/power supply 2.5A )

USB Type Mini B (x1), USB Type Mini B-1 (repair)

RS232 input (DB-9 pin) (x1)

DC 12V trigger (3.5mm jack) (x1)

Special Feature 

Android TV (w/ QS02) 

Filmmaker Mode 

Bright Cinema mode 

Support 3D projection 

Speaker speaker 

Equipped with treVolo stereo speakers 5W x 2

Color Wheel color wheel 

RGBRGB ( 6 segments) 

Light LifetimeLight source life 

20,000 hours 

Dimension size 

W760 x H164 x D358 ‎ mm 

Weight _ 

13.2kg ( ± 0.1kg) 

WarrantyMaintenance _ 

2 Years ( Door-to-Door )
* The above specifications are based on the Hong Kong licensed version. 

When the V5000i is placed on a TV cabinet or table, it must be slightly offset. At this time, the screen can be corrected into a large screen through up and down/left and right trapezoidal correction.

  • Manual eight-point correction

    This function allows you to adjust the width and width of the screen in detail, allowing the projected screen to be more perfectly integrated into the anti-light screen.

  • Whether watching movies or playing games, there is the best special mode
  • V5000i delivers the best cinema quality and smoothest* gaming experience. Especially when V5000i detects a game console such as PS5, Xbox or Switch, it will automatically enter Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) to provide the smoothest, low-latency gaming experience.

    *Common resolution, refresh rate raindrop input delay specifications 4K@60Hz: 17.9ms / 1080p@60Hz: 17.9ms / 1080p@120Hz: 21.2ms / 1080p@240 Hz: 8.7ms

  • Automatic screen fill

    V5000i will detect the size of the anti-light curtain and automatically adjust the picture to fit the size of the anti-light curtain.

    HDR-PRO™ brings vivid, detailed and boundless vision before your eyes

    In order to pursue the highest picture performance. BenQ's exclusive HDR-Pro technology uses three major stages: the best HDR Tone Mapping technology, advanced LCE zone light control technology (Local Contrast Enhancer), and DB full zone light control technology (Dynamic Balck) to overcome brightness limitations. , optimize the contrast between light and dark, giving the audience the perfect effect of true colors and clear light and dark details.

    HDR-PRO™ makes light and dark details clear

Advanced LCE zoned light control technology

LCE's precise partition light control divides the picture into more than 1,000 small partitions and performs optimized contrast calculations for each partition. After accurately strengthening the best contrast adjustment for each area independently, the overall picture is then calculated for comparison in the entire area. Therefore, the contrast and details of dark or bright parts can be optimized at the same time in the same picture.

Restore the director's true colors and experience the movie to be truly touching

Accurate movie colors can make the audience sad, happy, romantic and exciting, and deeply immersed in movie scenes and game scenes. Paired with the exclusive CinematicColor color management technology, it can 100% accurately present DCI-P3 digital cinema grade standard colors. Its extremely wide color gamut and highest quality color accuracy satisfy the ultimate taste of movie lovers!

11-level color temperature adjustment management

BenQ high-end home theater projector provides advanced color temperature adjustment function, providing a total of 11 levels of adjustment options from the highest brightness to the lowest brightness, allowing audio-visual enthusiasts to accurately adjust colors and achieve the ultimate color accuracy!

RGB three primary color laser: brighter picture, more saturated color, and longer lifespan

Excellent RGB three primary color laser light source, with higher color capacity, higher contrast, more saturation and color persistence, and a LED light source life of up to 10 years.

40-watt stereo sound effect, not letting go of various sound details in the movie

2 5W tweeters and 2 15W woofers, a total of 40 W stereo two-channel speakers, create an extremely wide sound range, giving you a shocking theater presence whether you are watching movies or playing video games; listen When listening to music, you can carefully appreciate the rich layers of each piece of music

4K high-definition streaming video and unlimited entertainment at your disposal

The Google-certified Play-Android official store has more than 5,000 APPs suitable for AndroidTV. Whether it is movies, music, news, sports, education, TV programs, etc., you can play them with one click through a simple and intuitive operation interface. 4K HDR videos you like

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