BENQ V6050 4K LaserTV Ultra-Short Throw Laser Projection TV

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BENQ V6050 4K HDR Laser TV (3,000 lumens)

  • HiVIHK Digital Video is the distributor of BENQ Projector Premium
  • BENQ Home Cinema Series LaserTV Projector is on display
  • This product is eligible for BENQ maintenance and free shipping (only in Hong Kong)
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  • 98% DCI-P3 color gamut, 4K UHD high resolution, supports 4K HDR, BT.2020 high-definition video

  • No big space required, just 30 centimeters to have a 100-inch screen

  • Long-lasting laser light source with a lifespan of 20,000 hours, 8 hours of viewing per day for 6.8 years

BenQ V6050

  • Type: 4K DLP Projector ●Imaging technology: Texas Instruments DLP XPR Technology ●Imaging element: 0.47 Inches DMD ●Resolution: 3840×2160 ●Screen aspect ratio: 16:9 ●Light output intensity: 3,000 ANSI Lumens ●Dimensions: 500×157×388mm (WHD) ●Weight: 9.9 Kilogram

Excellent 98% DCI-P3 movie wide color gamut digital cinema experience at the same level

BenQ's exclusive CinematicColor™ color management technology enhances color accuracy and breadth, reaching the DCI-P3 ultra-wide color gamut of the Hollywood film industry and digital cinema, which is much larger than the Rec.709 coverage color gamut. This allows the V6050 to accurately restore the director's colors regardless of the Rec.709 / DCI-P3 color gamut.

DCI-P3 can be considered widely known as "wide color gamut," DCI-P3's color gamut range is 26% larger than Rec.709/sRGB.
HDR natural color restoration, presenting realistic colors

Compared to other HDR projectors, the red and green temperatures are intentionally oversaturated. BenQ HDR natural color restoration technology can not only present the wide color gamut of 4K HDR, but also automatically adjust to present the most realistic, natural and realistic colors.
BenQ HDR projector effect, which can present the most realistic red and green colors BenQ HDR projector
BenQ HDR projector unlike other HDR projectors with biased color temperature and oversaturated greens and reds General projector

4K high-definition exclusive
18 groups of 4K optical lenses

Flawless clear picture quality

V6050 is equipped with the latest 4K UHD DMD 0.47-inch chip (monolithic digital micro-mirror element). Through the high-speed conversion capability of the XPR technology chip, the screen can display a resolution of more than 8.3 million pixels. It is equipped with 18 groups of 4K high-definition lenses. , making the picture bright and clear, meeting the CTA Consumer Technology Association's (Consumer Technology Association) standard of 8 million pixels required for a 4K display. BenQ HDR projector effect, which can present the most realistic red and green colors

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