Bluesound POWERNODE N330 (with HDMI) Streaming Amplifier

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BLUESOUND POWERNODE is an audio amplifier redesigned for the multimedia era. It combines audiophile-grade components with multi-room music functions. Just add a pair of speakers to instantly create a high-definition music streaming system.

As the name suggests, Powernode is the original Node plus Power, so that it has the power output capability and is enough to drive speakers. In other words, Powernode plus speakers can be used for listening. It is a product that many families with limited space or budget need. .

The width of the Powernode is the same as that of the Node, both 22 centimeters, but the height and depth are slightly larger in order to accommodate more Class D amplification modules with two channels of 80 watts output each. Although the size is larger, if Node is a small lunch box, Powernode is just a large lunch box. It can be placed anywhere without taking up valuable space in your home.

Powernode's power module uses NAD's "Hybrid Digital" amplification technology. The same technology is also used in NAD's C series amplifiers. It is based on the UcD amplification module of Hypex in the Netherlands, with feedback appropriately added, thereby simultaneously Reduce THD total harmonic distortion and TIM transient intermodulation distortion. In terms of data, the THD+N of Powernode is only 0.008%, the signal-to-noise ratio is -100 dBA, and the specifications are quite excellent.

Contains Hypex UcD amplification module

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