Cary Audio DMS-650 Streaming Player

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American Cary Audio DMS-650 streaming player

Cary's DMS series of streaming players has launched a new model, the DMS-650, to replace the original DMS-600. It has been improved in terms of specifications and performance. It is by no means just a "successor".

DMS-650 continues to be equipped with AKM's AK4497EQ Verita DAC chip, which not only provides gorgeousness and clarity, but also has Cary Audio's most beloved analog characteristics, so that you will not feel that you are listening to digital streaming music.

DMS-650 supports up to 32bit/768kHz PCM and DSD512 formats (USB A input), and has obtained Roon Ready and MQA certification, allowing you to listen to high-resolution music over the Internet without hindrance. It also fully supports multiple streaming music platforms, including Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify, Spotify Connect, vTuner, etc., and can play music files stored in the NAS. Not only that, DMS-650 is also equipped with three sets of USB A inputs and one set of SD card inputs, which can directly play music files stored in it, and one of the USB A jacks is located on the panel, and the SD card jack is also on the panel. More convenient to use. In addition, DMS-650 also has aptX-HD input and output, which means you can even listen to DMS-650 through Bluetooth headphones or Bluetooth speakers, which is so convenient! Of course, AirPlay is also supported

DMS-650 also has an upconversion function, which can upconvert PCM to a maximum of 768kHz, or convert PCM to DSD for playback, thereby obtaining different listening experiences. The interface part is still very rich. In addition to coaxial, optical, and AES/EBU digital inputs, it also provides coaxial and optical digital output functions to match different DACs, allowing you to play to the highest level. In addition, the analog output of the DMS-650 has both RCA and XLR interfaces, and can adjust the volume. The output is up to 3V, and it can be directly connected to an amplifier.

Cary Audio DMS-650 Equipment Specifications:

Type: Streaming player
Digital input: RJ45 network cable, Wi-Fi, USB A, SD card, Bluetooth, optical fiber, coaxial, AES/EBU
DAC chip: AK4499EQ
Supports the highest sampling rate (USB): 32bit/768 kHz PCM, DSD512
Support streaming functions: Spotify, Tidal, vTuner, Qobuz, MQA decoding, Roon Ready
Digital output: coaxial (up to 384kHz, DSD128), optical (up to 192kHz, DSD64)
Analog output: RCA, XLR
Frequency response: 2Hz – 22kHz (44.1kHz)
Dynamic range: 121 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio: 115 dB
THD: 0.0004%
Dimensions: 17.25 × 3.75 × 16.25 inches (width × height × depth)
Weight: 28.6 lbs


The DMS-650 is the latest product in our DMS platform. While it replaces the DMS-550, it surpasses the renown DMS-600 in performance. The DMS-650 packs a BIG punch! Much more so than just calling it a “replacement ." Built around the AK4497EQ VERITA DAC (same as our previous flagship DMS-600), the DMS-650 is a no-compromise killer. It delivers gorgeous clarity and richness with a sense of ease that Cary Audio is famous for. It combines wonderful amounts of detail and fantastic bass articulation yet retains a texture of naturalness that makes you forget you're listing to a digital source, allowing you to fall back into your music. DMS customers are routinely taken aback at the foundation, dimensionality, openness, and transparent sound the DMS delivers. The DMS-650 is capable of native 32-bit / 768kHz PCM and DSD 512. It's also Roon Ready and MQA Certified . Like other DMS products, the DMS-650 allows streaming from on-board TIDAL, Qobuz, Spotify, Spotify Connect, vTuner, or from files stored on a network computer or NAS Drive. If that wasn't enough, it includes three (3) USB-A ports for listening from connected USB hard drives, flash drives, and even from a SD card. As an extra measure for convenience, the DMS-650 also includes aptX™ HD input and output (output for Bluetooth speakers or headphones) as well as Airplay.

The DMS-650 has a slight cosmetic redesign that features a black-out appearance (for black units), which includes a black display frame and black power button. For both black and silver units, the right-side groove now includes a “swoosh ” design as well as a faceplate devoid of silkscreened logos for an ultra-clean sleek look.

Additional features include Ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity, TruBit™ 7-step Selectable PCM upsampling to 768kHz, and selectable PCM to DSD conversion with selectable 3-step DSD upsampling. Digital inputs include Coaxial (x2), Optical (x1), and AES /EBU (x1) as well as Coaxial and Optical digital outputs, RCA and XLR fully balanced outputs, OSO™ Re-clocking, MU-MIMO Wi-Fi, and a full 3-volt output and variable volume control for direct-to- amplifier connection.

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