Cary Audio DMS-700 Streaming Player

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American Cary Audio DMS-700 streaming player

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CARY AUDIO, a long-established audio manufacturer in the United States, is famous for its tube amplifiers. In addition to continuing to produce well-known tube amplifiers, it has also always been very active in the development of digital products. It has developed many excellent related products so far. This time the manufacturer is targeting network audio strings. Streaming player, launches new DMS-700, available in black and silver.

As a new generation of network streaming player, the DMS-700 decoder chip has been changed from the previous generation DMS600 (Asahi Kasei) AKM4497 to the new generation AKM4499. It is said that the sound is closer to analog replay.

In order to ensure ultra-high frequency transmission, the circuit board of the DMS-700 uses audiophile-grade gold plating technology, and the clock uses two Crystek femtosecond clocks, combined with the in-house developed femtosecond time synchronization processing software and the newly added FPGA Chip, the sound effect is better than the previous generation.

In terms of decoding performance, in addition to playing DSD files up to DSD512, DMS-700 can also transmit 44.1kHz - 384kHz, DSD64, DSD128 and other signals through coaxial and optical fiber, allowing users to connect their own external decoders for replay.

In order to allow users who do not support DSD decoders to play smoothly, DMS-700 also has the function of converting DSD64, DSD128, and DSD256 into PCM 176.4 kHz. In addition to converting DSD to PCM, the DMS-700 can also reversely convert PCM to DSD for transmission, allowing users to replay according to their favorite digital method.

In addition to its powerful digital conversion/output, DMS-700 itself is also an excellent decoder. It receives 44.1 kHz -384 kHz, DSD64, and DSD128 signals through multiple sets of digital inputs, and is decoded by the built-in AKM4499 chip.

In terms of network playback functions, general network and streaming playback functions are available. DMS700 can also be set up as a Network audio storage system. By connecting HDD and SD Card, the music files inside are read. When the user uses other network players With a network connection, files can be extracted from DMS700 for playback, which is convenient for users without NAS.

In order to meet users' higher requirements for the display of song album pictures, DMS-700 is equipped with a high-definition 1600 x 1200 dpi display, which is clearer than the previous generation's 1280 x 720 dpi. With the app developed by Cary Audio, the overall Compared with equipment using third-party software, the operation is more comprehensive, and the full-featured control allows users to obtain a better operating experience.

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