DALI Alteco C1 Multipurpose Speaker (White Limited Edition)

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DALI Alteco C1 Multipurpose Speaker SPEC:

Type: 2-unit 2-way speaker unit: 21mm silk soft dome tweeter x1; 4.5-inch wood pulp fiber bass frequency response: 74~25KHz
Frequency division point: 2.1KHz
Impedance: 6 ohms Sensitivity: 83dB
Maximum sound pressure: 103dB
Dimensions: 265x160x200mm
Weight: 2.9kg

DALI Alteco C1 has many uses. Can be used as upper sound field channels for front, side, and rear surround. Secondly, it can also be placed horizontally, so that the sound is projected to the center, and the speakers are placed on both sides of the screen to be used as the front channel. Furthermore, it can also be placed above the main speaker to allow the sound to be reflected through the ceiling and used as an Atmos Enable speaker, allowing you to easily create a sky channel without digging holes or hanging.

Alteco C1 uses the 21mm ultra-lightweight silk soft dome tweeter developed by DALI. The quality of the diaphragm is half that of the general commercially available tweeter diaphragm. The woofer unit is a 4.5-inch wood pulp fiber woofer, which is DALI’s signature unit. It is not only light in weight and hard in texture, but also has low resonance characteristics, so the sound is less dyed. Coupled with their carefully designed crossover, the signal loss is almost zero. High-performance drivers and crossovers are how Alteco C1 reproduces rich, detailed and precise sound.

There is a lever on the front baffle that can adjust the projection angle of the speaker. The height difference is 25 degrees, which can meet the needs of different spaces. If the space is small, the tilt angle of the projection can be increased. DALI Alteco C1 is a good helper for you to build a Home Theater multi-channel system theater!

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