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Adhering to the advantages of the two well-known series of MENTOR and IKON, the DALI FAZON LCR speaker has deservedly become an audiophile-level speaker product with its elegant shape, sophisticated materials, first-class playback unit and outstanding system design. Whether it is paired with an immersive sound system or a multi-channel sound system, it can present perfect sound quality. At the same time, it also provides two installation methods: wall-mounted and floor-standing.

DALI uses aluminum alloy die-casting technology and good internal support structure to create a revolutionary asymmetrical cabinet. This simple and effective structure minimizes the acoustic and mechanical resonance of the cabinet.

The crossover is made of high-quality audiophile-grade components and installed on the back side of the FAZON LCR quick-installation port to shorten the signal path and thereby reduce signal loss.

FAZON LCR integrates a unique quick-installation wall-mounting device, making annoying speaker cables "invisible" and giving you a clean and tidy home environment. The speaker can be flexibly placed vertically or horizontally, and used as a left-right or center-mounted speaker. This is where the name LCR (left center right) comes from.

Like FAZON F5, LCR also adopts a "double-layer front baffle" design to further improve sound quality output performance.

This multifunctional speaker perfectly integrates into modern life with its heaven-like sound quality and outstanding appearance.

Technical specifications
Frequency response [+/- 3] dB [Hz] 78 – 25,000
Sensitivity [2.83V/1m] [dB] 89
Indicated impedance [Ω] 6
Maximum sound pressure [dB] 107
It is recommended to increase the machine power [Watts] 15 – 120
Crossover point [Hz] 3,000
Tweeter 1 28mm silk soft hemisphere
Midrange unit
woofer 2 x 4.5” wood fiber diaphragms
Recommended distance from back wall [cm]
Dimensions (height x width x depth) [mm] 385 x 157 x 117
Weight/including foot base [Kg] 3.5

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