Ferrum Audio HYPSOS Hybrid DC Power Supply (2.5mm)

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Power cord specifications: 5×2.5mm
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  • All Ferrum Audio HYPSOS sold by our company are licensed in Hong Kong .
  • This product comes with 1-year warranty and free shipping (only in Hong Kong)
  • On-site display in HYPSOS showroom, audition available by appointment, (T: 3902 3606)
  • Ferrum Audio HYPSOS Hybrid DC Power Supply

    Specially designed for HiFi high quality, suitable for audio and digital equipment with DC (5-30V) power input!
    Hybrid Power System: A hybrid power system that has the advantages of both linear power supply and switching power supply!
    • Easy setup procedure: menu-based setting, easy to use
    • Sweet Spot Tuning (SST): Precisely fine-tune the optimal voltage value (in units of 0.1V)
    • 4T Sensing Design (4TSD): Real-time monitoring feedback technology to maintain stable voltage supply
    • Advanced Automation: Switches that can be linked to specific equipment
    • Extremely safe to use: Equipped with multiple protection functions to avoid overload or short circuit
    • Works with: Built-in list of compatible equipment on the market

    • Power input: 100-240Vac/50-60Hz (EU/US Version)
    • 90 – 110Vac/50-60Hz (JP Version)IEC C14 power inlet, a fuse holder with power on/off switch plus two-stage EMI filter for low impedance load with better noise attenuation in low frequency applications
    • Mains cable: US/EU/UK
    • DC OUT cable: 5×2.5mm DC plug / 5×2.1mm DC plug Custom cables made to order at additional cost
    • Output Voltage Range: 5-30 [V]
    • Max Continuous Output Current (for V_out below 13,3V): 6 [A]
    • Max Continuous Output Current (for V_out higher than 13,3V): l_out= 80[W] / DCout[V]
    • Maximum Impulse Current : 9A
    • Maximum Impulse Power : DC V_out*9A (270W for 30V)
    • Max Continuous Output Power (for V_out below 13,3V): P_out = V_out[V] * 6[A]
    • Max Continuous Output Power (for V_out higher than 13,3V): 80W
    • Dimensions (without knobs, feet and connectors) (W x D x H , mm / inches): 217.5 x 206.5 x 50.0 / 8.6 x 8.1 x 2.0
    • Net weight (kg / lb): ~ 2,89 / ~ 6.2
    • Primary winding fuse: IEC 5x20mm, 250V 3.15A, slown-blown for Japan version / 250V 2A, slown-blown for Europe, US version
    • Secondary winding fuse: Littefuse 154004T, 4A
    • Power consumption: 230VAC, 50Hz @ 12VDC out/: Idle – 6VA @ 15W load – 30,7VA @ 60W load – 98VA @ 80W load – 133,9VA

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