Focal Dome Flax Pack 5.1 (5 x Dome Flax & Sub Air 5.1)

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French Focal Dome Flax Pack 5.1

Dôme Flax is a high-end system made in France, characterized by miniaturization and high-tech design. The 5.1 system offers significant improvements in dialogue clarity thanks to the Flax drivers, as well as greater spatialization thanks to better linearity in frequency response. Bring your movie back to nature!

The Dôme Flax 5.1 system is equipped with Sub Air Wireless Subwoofer. Freed from the constraints of wiring, Sub Air delivers passionate, deep sound and blends perfectly into a variety of spaces with its flat and compact design.


  • High-fidelity speaker, patented Flax technology
  • Focal sound with advanced technologies
  • Integrated speaker: in wall, in ceiling, on furniture or standing
  • High-gloss lacquered Aluminum body,Made in France

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