Gryphon Diablo 300 integrated amplifier

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Denmark's Gryphon's new Diablo 300 integrated amplifier is equipped with an enhanced power system. The left and right channels are independent from the front stage to the rear stage. It has a fully balanced circuit design. Each channel uses a large transformer and a 64000 μ f high-speed power supply filter capacitor. In order to ensure The integrity of signal transmission, from input to amplified output, only uses a minimalist resistor and two transistors as input buffers. The components are made of high-end customized products to obtain the best audio characteristics and achieve noble, delicate, accurate, natural and open-minded Transparent sound performance.  

▲With 2 x 300W (8 Ω ) , 2 x 600W (4 Ω ) , 2 x 950W (2 Ω ) high power output

▲True monophonic architecture

▲Zero feedback technology

▲Based on extremely simple architecture, bringing excellent resistance performance

Ultra - short signal path

▲Minimal internal wiring

▲Using military specification dual - layer and four - layer printed circuit boards with fine traces of copper up to 105 microns

▲Adopts dual mono toroidal transformers to vacuum process the core and windings, resulting in almost complete elimination of mechanical noise

PCB - mounted printing method eliminates wiring and shortens the signal path

▲The two balanced interfaces use Swiss Neutrik XLR gold-plated jacks

▲It has a 3- input and 2- output phono socket interface and uses Teflon insulation material

▲The LCD screen adopts adjustable display lighting, which is 100% , 75% , 50% , 25% , and can be turned off for adjustment

▲ Presents a large, easy-to-read vacuum fluorescent display

▲Optional MM/MC phono amplifier module

▲Optional PCM/DSD DAC Module , Support USB x 1 , SPDIF x 2 , AES x 1 and Optical input x 1

Gryphon Diablo 300 Equipment Specifications

Type: AB class crystal combined power amplifier
Output power: 300 watts (8Ω)/600 watts (4Ω)/950 watts (2Ω)
Frequency response: 0Hz~350kHz
Total harmonic distortion: less than 0.1%
Input impedance: 40kΩ (balanced), 20kΩ (unbalanced)
Gain: 38dB
Channel separation: greater than 120dB
Dimensions: 480×235×460 mm (width×height×depth)
Weight: 38.1kg

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