Gryphon Diablo 333 integrated amplifier

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Gryphon Diablo333 Integrated Amplifier

Gryphon Audio Designs is presenting the Diablo 333 integrated amplifier at the Munich High End 2023, the successor to the Diablo 300 model from eight years ago. In order to surpass the performance of its predecessors, the Danish company drew on the expertise accumulated in the development of the Commander preamplifier and Apex power amplifier. The result is a 10% increase in output power, improved musicality and performance, thanks to new ultra-fast, low-capacitance pre-driver transistors. The configuration is true dual mono, with no negative feedback, the shortest signal path possible, and minimal cabling. The final stage integrates 10 high-power transistors per channel, and the power stage uses dual Holmgren toroidal transformers. Additionally, a four-layer molding is used per MIL standards, with a 70µm copper layer.

▲With 2 x 333W (8 Ω ) , 2 x 666W (4 Ω ) , 2 x 1100W (2 Ω ) high power output

Gryphon Diablo 333 Equipment Specifications

Type: AB class crystal combined power amplifier
Output power: 333 watts (8Ω) / 666 watts (4Ω) / 1100 watts (2Ω)

Gryphon Diablo 333

Denmark's Gryphon Diablo 300, known as the "big pineapple", was put on the shelves as early as 2015. Even after 8 years of baptism, it still occupies an important position in the sales list of high-power integrated amplifiers. In addition to being full of materials and well-made , its inexhaustible output (300W x 2) is simply a dream match for low-efficiency speakers. Many current users of Guifeng's million-dollar pre- and post-amplifiers once bowed to the "big pineapple".

The panel is equipped with a 4.3-inch TFT capacitive touch color display screen

Inheriting the DNA of the stunning four-seat Commander split preamplifier, the Diablo 333 was designed by Mr. Flemming E. Rasmussen, the founder of Guifeng. The shape lines are undoubtedly more elegant and refined, and the black aerospace-grade aluminum panel has been cleverly hollowed out. , equipped with a triangular three-dimensional glass window and a built-in 4.3-inch TFT capacitive touch color display screen, which provides left and right channel balance and source input fine-tuning data. There are high-efficiency radiators on both sides of the fuselage with the same shape as the flagship Apex pure Class A power amplifier, which greatly improves the heat dissipation performance during the power amplifier stage. Practicing the theory of mechanical grounding, Mechanical Grounding's new shock-absorbing spikes are designed to quickly guide away resonance, resonance and pickup effects, and block the chance of resonance feedback. In terms of connection, Diablo 333 provides 2 sets of balanced XLR and single-ended RCA inputs, plus 1 set of Tape In / Out for recording equipment and 1 set of dedicated subwoofer output Sub-Out. The input level of each set can not only be fine-tuned to prevent There is a large deviation in the output sound pressure, and the AV Bypass function is also provided.

43-segment progressive fully balanced sound control system

In addition to the evolution in appearance, the internal production of Diablo 333 is also full of strong shadows of the new generation of flagship front and rear stages, including the four-layer printing that implements the essence of dual-mono zero-feedback amplification, written by Guifeng's chief electronic engineer Mr. Tom Møller. Circuit boards, conductive copper foil thickness up to 70µm level! The transistors implemented in the driving stage also use audio-grade products with ultra-high speed and low capacitance characteristics. As for the 43-segment progressive fully balanced audio control system switched by a microprocessor and low-inductance sealed gold-plated contact relay, it ensures that the audio signal will only flow through no more than two metal skin resistors connected in series. , helps reduce signal loss.

Each channel uses 10 Toshiba special power tubes

Talking about the strong amplification link that audiophiles are most interested in, each channel of Diablo 333 will use 10 Toshiba injection-produced power tubes that have been strictly selected before assembly. The re-adjusted bias value will slightly increase the output power to 333W level (8Ω load). At the same time, Diablo 333 also has a complete protection system that will not have any impact on the sound, providing comprehensive protection for the equipment and users. The extremely spectacular power supply section uses a toroidal transformer with independent taps for the left and right channels. Above it is a reinforcing bracket and cooling fan to suppress resonance. The following shunt voltage stabilizing system is matched with the sound level. Polypropylene film capacitors act as decoupling, further suppressing noise. As for a pair of heavyweight speaker wire sockets taken from the EOS 2 Dawn Goddess 2 speakers, they are specially customized and can accommodate both banana-shaped and Y-shaped terminals.

A must-have for vinyl fans: the Phono Stage 3 phono preamplifier module

It is a successor to the classic "Big Pineapple" model. When developing the Diablo 333, the manufacturer had already reserved two sets of space for installing upgrade modules to meet the needs of different people. The first model is a must-have for vinyl enthusiasts. It has a built-in RIAA balanced curve Phono Stage 3 phono preamplifier module. The only pair of balanced XLR input sockets is enough to reflect that the entire amplification circuit will adhere to dual mono pure channels. Class A zero feedback design. The components responsible for signal amplification are all pre-matched low-noise transistors designed for high-fidelity playback. If you want to fine-tune the gain, users only need to enter the setting menu to modify it at will through the display screen on the panel. However, the MC load value is switched by the micro switch on the back of the machine, which is indeed much more convenient to use than the previous model.

CAS players can’t miss: DAC-3 digital/analog switching module

In addition to the interesting phono stage module, CAS players also cannot miss the DAC-3 digital/analog switching module, which was released at the same time. The biggest feature is that the core link uses the latest research and development of ESS Saber, equipped with Hyperstream IV architecture ES9039PRO 8-sound system. The decoding chip provides 7 sets of digital filters designed for PCM signals and can also directly interpret DSD signals. For connection, DAC-3 will provide 2 sets of BNC digital coaxial, Toslink optical fiber, AES/EBU balanced and USB 2.0 Type B input interfaces. The unique analog output line will adopt a dual mono pure Class A design to assist Improve the sound performance of existing equipment.

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