Gryphon Essence Preamplifier

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Gryphon Essence Preamplifier Pure Class A fully balanced preamplifier

Danish Gryphon ’s new Essence

The first new member to join the battle is the Essence Preamplifier, which has a body shape with simple colors of Nordic furniture. It is an Essence pure Class A fully balanced preamplifier. Its symmetrical panels are made of two full-thickness aerospace products and are cut using a CNC lathe. Grade aluminum material, combined with the highly rigid acrylic rubber plate in a triangular shape that has been carefully polished around the nozzle edge. The display screen can be adjusted to multiple levels of brightness. The flexible and flexible function setting menu provides fine-tuning of the source input level and Green Bias adjustment specially designed for the Gryphon power amplifier.

Dual mono pure class A zero feedback discrete amplifier circuit
Essence Preamplifier is the essence of the pure Class A fully balanced preamplifier circuit. It adopts the world-famous dual-mono pure Class A zero-feedback discrete design of Gryphon from Denmark. The inter-stage coupling is carried out by servo monitoring DC direct connection, creating a 1MHz Ultra wide frequency response. New pure Class A single-ended input buffer stage, combining high speed, openness and transparency. The new 43-segment progressive touch-adjusted fully balanced sound control system is composed of low-inductance sealed gold-plated contact relays and high-precision surface-welded metal resistors, ensuring that each level of signal only flows through two resistors. , fully adhere to the concept of high fidelity.

The input and output are equipped with both RCA and XLR connection terminals <br> For connection, the Essence Preamplifier pure Class A fully balanced preamplifier provides 3 sets of RCA and 2 sets of XLR high-level inputs, without the need for additional wiring, and is directly connected to the circuit board The connected Neutrik XLR and RCA terminals with PTFE as insulating material further reduce signal loss. A section of the power cable from the IEC socket on the back of the machine to the power switch is also stored in a shielded channel to prevent the chance of interference caused by the 50/60 Hz power frequency. In addition, the fixed-output AV pass-through interface specially designed for AV audio and video systems can also support both XLR and RCA connection terminals.

The power supply part has a 52,000 microfarad capacitor as an energy reserve <br>The integrated design of the Essence Preamplifier is a pure Class A fully balanced preamplifier. The layout of the power supply link is also quite particular, not only using Schottky diodes and 52,000 microfarad capacitors As an energy reserve, the voltage stabilizing part adopts a shunt design, and the sound control part also uses organic polymer aluminum capacitors and German Wima polypropylene film capacitors as bypasses to create the best noise suppression effect.

Can be equipped with phono stage or decoding module
Users of the Essence Preamplifier pure Class A fully balanced preamp can also add the latest improved PS2-S MM/MC phono stage module and D/A dedicated decoding module to add more fun.

Gryphon Essence Preamplifier Spec:

Type: crystal preamp

  • Specifications Analog input: RCA×3, XLR×2
  • Input impedance: 25kΩ (RCA), 50kΩ (XLR)
  • Analog output: RCA (Pre-out/Tape-out)
  • XLR output impedance: 22.5Ω (RCA), 15Ω (XLR)
  • Gain: 18dB Frequency response: 0.1Hz~1MHz (-3dB calculation)
  • Volume (H×W×D): 165×470×385mm
  • Weight: 13.4kg including all original accessories

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