HP BP5000 4K LaserTV Ultra Short Throw

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HP BP5000 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector
4K laser ultra short throw projector

The living room instantly upgrades to a theater︳120 -inch screen luxurious feast

Using Japan's Ricoh throw ratio, only 0.23 ultra-short throw lens, projection 120 inches

It is only 33cm away from the screen and can be placed directly on the TV cabinet to avoid the problem of telephoto projectors being blocked.

As clear as day or night

Adopt eye-safe ALPD3.0 (blue laser fluorescent) light source, providing high brightness of 2500 ANSI lumens/6000 light source lumens

And 500000:1 dynamic high contrast ratio, which greatly reduces the impact of ambient light sources. You don’t have to close the curtains during the day and can turn on the lights at night to watch.

Native (4K UHD) Ultra High Definition

Using TI DLP DMD chip, native 4K ultra-high-definition (3840 x 2160) resolution, providing 4 times the image number of 1080P, even if it is projected on a 150-inch shocking giant screen, the picture quality is delicate enough to be seen up close.

Rich colors, naturally visible

Adopting ALPD 3.0 laser-excited fluorescent projection technology to provide rich colors, DCI-P3>90%, in line with the UHD Association’s high-quality standards for wide color gamut

The picture is clear and smooth, as if you were on the scene

With HDR 10 support, you see the full spectrum of color contrast and dynamic range: from deep blacks to vibrant reds, blues and greens, shadows, highlights and detail are displayed with extreme fidelity

Exclusive color image processing technology reflects the clarity and three-dimensionality of dark parts of image details.

Paired with MEMC motion compensation using interpolation technology to reduce motion blur and smoothly deliver fast-moving images, every scene pops out for a lifelike immersive experience, as if you were really there

Intelligent automatic focus and surface correction

Supports optical and intelligent auto-focus, four-point keystone correction plus 8-point biaxial surface correction, plus built-in installation assistance function, you can adjust the picture quality clearly and accurately even if you accidentally move the position.

25,000 hours long light source life

Using visually safe APDL 3.0 (blue laser + fluorescent) patented projection technology, the light source life is >25,000 hours

Meticulous craftsmanship︳The combination of technology and beauty

Stylish and beautiful appearance, no screw connection, eye-catching aesthetic charm, naturally blending with the decoration of your home

Enjoy every second

Built-in 30-watt subwoofer and full-range speaker, with clear treble and rich bass, you can also enjoy watching the screen and listening to music.

High-efficiency new liquid cooling technology, quiet operation, allowing you to watch movies and listen to music without interference.

Connect with your professional speakers

Supports digital optical audio output S/PDIF, HDMI ARC and Bluetooth output, providing multiple external speakers to connect to your professional-grade speakers to immerse yourself in a theater-level audio-visual feast.

Taking care of you and your loved ones

It adopts diffuse reflection imaging technology that is gentle on your eyes, providing visual comfort for long-term viewing without fatigue, and there is no problem for viewing at a distance of 2 meters.

Built-in sensor, within the protective distance, the protection function is automatically triggered, and the laser light source will be turned off immediately to avoid direct light exposure to human eyes.

Mobile phone wireless screen projection

Provides wireless screen mirroring function in the same network domain, and the content of iOS/ANDROID mobile phones can be shared on the big screen.

More source support

BP5000 detailed specifications : 

Optical parameters

Display technology: TI DLP technology

Light source technology: ALPD3.0 (blue laser + phosphor) light source

Light source life: >25000hrs

Brightness: 2500 ANSI lumens/6000 laser source lumens

Resolution: 4K UHD (3840*2160)

Aspect ratio: 16:9

Throw ratio: 0.23:1

Level deviation rate: 140%

Focusing method: automatic and remote control focusing

Keystone correction: eight-point biaxial surface correction & four-point keystone correction

Picture uniformity: JBMA>85%

Image processing

Support HDR10

Support MEMC motion compensation

Color gamut: >90% DCI-P3 wide color gamut


Built-in audio: 30-watt full-range speaker

External audio interface: digital optical fiber audio output, HDMI ARC output, 3.5mm audio output & Bluetooth output


CPU: 4-core MS6A848

GPU: MaliT820MP2

Memory: 3G+32G


HDMI*2 (including HDMI ARC*1)


S/PDIF*1 (digital optical fiber audio output)

3.5 mm audio out*1


Wifi (802.11 b/g/n) dual band (2.4G + 5G)

Bluetooth 4.0

Power input: 100-240V, 4.5A, 50/60Hz

Power consumption: 380W


Support indirect light protection

Wireless screen mirroring: Supports iOS/Android wireless screen mirroring within the same network domain

3 years maintenance

Display: DLP ALDP 3.0 (Blue Laser & Phosphor)

Revolution: 4K UHD (328 x 2160)

Throw Ratio: 0.23, 120” (0.33m away)

ANSI:2500 Lumens

Connection: HDMI x 2 + USB x 2 + S/PDIF x 1 + RJ45 x 1 + RF x 1, Wi-fi, Bluetooth

Audio: Speaker 15W x 2

Audio External: Bluetooth, 3.5mm, HDMR ARCx1, S/PDIFx1

System: OTT App Center

Size: 595x340x140mm

Weight: 12.3Kg


Overview features – 4K, 2500ANSI, Project Screen size – 120” from 0.33M away, efficiency Liquid Cooling technology, LED – operational life up to 25000hr, Wireless Projection for iOS or Android Devices, 30W speaker set with Sub-woofer

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