JK SCREEN H3-FI/2t series cable electric curtain

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H Series Electric Soft Curtain H3-FL/2t 100" 16:9

The original imported new generation high-definition soft screen does not require a base fabric and is made of a thick piece of high-tech video PVC. This 0.4mm thick video PVC is different from other screen types that only have a PVC coating. This soft and thick PVC block has the most Excellent picture quality, sharp and realistic. In addition to the outstanding reproduction of the master image, its unique and rich picture quality is a major feature of the soft screen.

Projection screen material: HD HM soft screen (originally imported screen material)

Shell material: platinum aluminum alloy patented shell

Built-in motor: Durable high-speed tubular motor

Projection size: 16:9 100-200 inches; 4:3 100-150 inches

Viewing angle: 160°

Gain multiplier: 1.0

Projection effect: There are high requirements for projection effect, faithful restoration of images, and interpretation of color contrast and light without any loss.

Suitable places: home theaters and high-end business and education places, dark and dark places


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