KOJO Technology Crystal Ep Series Plug Type Floor Box

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style: Crystal EpR (RCA model)
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Crystal Ep Series Plug Type Floor Box

Japan's KOJO Technology has condensed the popular Crystal E floor box technology and launched the new Crystal Ep series plug-type floor boxes, which are designed with a clear and exquisite concept, with a functional and beautiful design. There are 4 models including RCA, 3.5mm TRS, Y-shaped fork plug, and banana plug. The very slim and stylish shape is discreet and beautiful. Plug it into an unused socket on your audio product and enjoy the quiet, three-dimensional feel of a ground box.

kojo crystal ep series plug type floor box

Most audiophiles know the impact of "grounding" on sound. Therefore, if the equipment is well grounded, the music background can often be darker and quieter, and the details can be more prominent. Therefore, many audiophiles will equip their systems with ground boxes. KOJO Technology, a power supply expert from Aomori, Japan, has always maintained a very high level from semiconductor production to medical-grade power equipment and even home audio power accessories. Among them, the classic floor box Force barEP has been improved and redesigned to launch the latest Crystal E Day The ground box brings the sound quality to a higher level.

If you want the effect to be more outstanding, you can connect two pieces of Crystal Ep. The grounding area after the connection is even 35% larger than that of Crystal E. The grounding surface area is increased to enhance the effect. The remaining bottom cover plug can be used as a dust cover, which also has a positive impact on the sound quality.

Conductor surface area unimaginable from size
The internal conductor of Crystal Ep is made of high-purity aluminum foil processed into strips. Although the surface area of ​​the conductor is only about 100 cm2 (10 cm × 10 cm), the surface of the conductor is specially etched to form many cavities with a similar crystal structure in the sponge. . These numerous cavities increase the conductor surface area, ensuring that the internal effective area of ​​Crystal Ep is increased to 11,000 cm2 (110 cm x 100 cm).

Linked to Crystal E
Crystal Ep has a very convenient and fast connection function, which can improve the signal-to-noise ratio and enhance the listening experience. The sound is delicate and the details can be heard in a quiet atmosphere. The left and right sides, height and depth of the sound field have been increased. The central positioning of vocals, etc. is more solid. If connected to Crystal E, it can be enhanced to match the characteristics of different ground wires and receive maximum benefits. Just like the name of the series, it is as pure and delicate as crystal.

Plug selection
RCA / 3.5mm TRS / Y-shaped fork/ banana plug

inner conductor
High purity aluminum foil

internal conductor surface area

Plug material
brass/gold plated

Body material
Brass/nickel plated

Crystal EpR: φ12×56.5mm
Crystal EpT3 : φ12×57.5mm
Crystal EpB : φ12×57mm
Crystal EpY: φ12×63.5mm

Crystal EpR: 26g
Crystal EpT3 : 25g
Crystal EpB : 27g
Crystal EpY: 27g

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